'RHOBH' Season 7 Premiere Spoilers And Cast Taglines Released [Video]

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 premiere spoilers and taglines have been released. RHOBH returns this week with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, Erika Girardi, and newcomers, Dorit Kemsley and Eden Sassoon.

Bravo reports that Episode 1 is titled, "Stronger than Ever," where Season 7 opens with Lisa V. introduces everyone to Dorit at a party. Lisa R. is wearing a long wig at the party, which Vanderpump jokes she's going to yank off her head. This is the first time that the two Lisas have seen one another since the RHOBH reunion. Things got messed up between them when Rinna claimed Vanderpump urged her to accuse Yolanda Foster of exaggerating her Lyme Disease symptoms.

"Lisa Rinna and I, we used to have a lot of fun together," Vanderpump says in her interview. "But she changed that dynamic — she made that decision. So it would have to do a lot to work to get back to where we were."

Eileen also runs into Lisa V. for the first time in months, saying in her interview that it's possible they can make amends. They had their share of turmoil in Season 6, especially when Vanderpump criticized Davidson's marriage.

In her interview, Eileen uses Vietnam as an analogy in pointing out that it's possible things between her and Vanderpump can be repaired. After all, look at what happened in Vietnam decades ago... and now people vacation in there. Interesting comparison, indeed!

In other RHOBH Season 7 spoilers revealed, Erika celebrates her 45th birthday at a 1970s-inspired Studio 54 party. Eileen gives Erika a big surprise and it involves a stint on The Young and the Restless!

Reality Tea released the RHOBH Season 7 taglines that the cast have chosen for the show's opening.

Lisa Vanderpump: "The crown is heavy, darlings, so just leave it where it belongs."

Kyle Richards: "I'm an expert on luxury, and I can always spot a fake."

Eileen Davidson: "I speak no evil, but I see and hear everything."

Lisa Rinna: "My advice to you: Don't hustle the hustler."

Erika Girardi: "I may be two people, but I'm not two-faced."

Dorit Kemsley: "When you travel the world, you can speak in any accent you want."

Kyle's sister, Kim Richards, will appear on Season 7 of RHOBH, but not as a full-time Housewife. She'll be on the show as a friend, taking up an old feud with Lisa Rinna.

Kim had a quick answer to the suggestion that there's going to be less drama in the new season.

"Well I really wouldn't go that far!" Kim told People when asked whether there's less drama in Season 7. "I managed to make a little time to get by to say 'Hi' to everybody, but I don't know if I squeezed out leaving out the drama. It wasn't my doing, but you know, leave it to the [Lisa] Rinna!"

Rinna didn't add much to that, other than people need to see how things unfold on the show.

"Well you have to watch the show and see what goes on," Rinna said. "It's complicated you know it's really complicated, but from the start my goal is to move on and forgive and move through that's my goal, so you'll have to watch and see how that plays out."

Eden Sassoon, another newcomer, will join RHOBH veteran, Camille Grammar, as a friend on the show in Season 7 as well.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 premieres on Bravo Tuesday, December 6 at 9 p.m., ET / 6 p.m., PT.

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