WWE News: Sting Isn’t Ruling Out A Return To WWE For Another Run Or One More Match

Last year, Sting had his first matches in WWE, and that total number ended at three after he was injured against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. After that, many thought he would be coming back after healing up, but then whispers of his retirement came into play. Before too long, Sting had officially retired from WWE and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Still, is he actually and totally done?

In September of last year, Sting had his last match with his new company after losing his first to Triple H at WrestleMania. This match was against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, where Sting was given his first-ever opportunity at capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

As recapped by the WWE’s official website, the match ended with Rollins retaining his title and Sting with an injury that was quite interesting.

wwe news sting injury return match

As reported by Fox Sports, Sting lost the feeling in his legs and was unable to stand upright after the injury occurred. He was focused on getting healed up and making a return to the ring so that he could keep on wrestling and go after the biggest title in WWE once again.

Well, time went on, and his neck injury kept him out of the ring and actually forced him to retire, but is he really done?

According to Screen Geek, Sting recently made an appearance at the Unioto High School Gymnasium in Chillicothe, Ohio. He spoke of wrestling and his career and was even asked if he would ever return to WWE for one more match. Needless to say, but his response wasn’t overly expected.

“[At this point], I don’t know.”

Considering that he suffered a serious injury, he gave his retirement speech, and then he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He’s finished, right? If he is indeed finished and retired, then why wouldn’t he have just said that he was retired and wouldn’t be back for one more match?

wwe news sting injury return match

The reason is that Sting likely doesn’t want to say that he is finished. In March, the Inquisitr reported that Sting talked about his injury and how serious is truly was. He also talked about hoping to have one more match and taking on The Undertaker at WrestleMania. That’s something he wanted to get in before he officially called it a career.

With The Undertaker still going strong, there was always that chance the dream match could happen. Sting’s injury then took place and pretty much threw a huge wrench into those plans as he was forced to retire, but fans need to remember that this is wrestling.

A retired superstar is not necessarily always retired. Many have called it quits in the past and ended up returning to the ring for one more match, one more title run, or even a few more years. Sting admitted he wanted that match with The Undertaker and during his WWE run, he let it be known that he wanted to be the world champion.

wwe news sting injury return match

There is nothing to say that Sting is going to return to the ring, but there really isn’t anything saying he won’t either. Retirement in professional wrestling can be bypassed and if a doctor clears him to get back in the ring, anything is possible.

Sting is one of the true legends in the world of professional wrestling, and the fans simply wanted to see him have his time in WWE. When he finally arrived, it was a moment that many thought would never ever happen. When all was said and done, his WWE career lasted all of two matches and those were both losses. Then, he retired, and everyone figured that was the end of it, but it certainly seems as if Sting is making sure to never say never.

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