Donald Trump’s Tweets: From China To ‘Saturday Night Live,’ A Riotous Ride Through The Mind Of Trump

It probably won’t come as a major surprise to learn that Donald Trump’s tweets are one of the highest trending topics on the internet right now. Because whether you love or loathe the man, or whether you voted for him or not, you can’t deny that his outbursts on Twitter are wildly amusing.

Why has Donald Trump taken to Twitter with such verve? Deadline reports that the next President of the United States feels that he absolutely must clear the air as the press keep getting everything about him wrong. He says that if the press could manage to cover him “accurately and honorably,” then he would have less occasion to tweet. As an aside, he adds that he doesn’t know “if that will ever happen.”

Then, of course, we have Alec Baldwin and the cast of Saturday Night Live performing a parody sketch on Donald Trump’s tweets and his insatiable need to post on Twitter. But Trump need not feel slighted. Saturday Night Live has a long and cherished tradition of poking fun at presidents and other political leaders, and many politicians have embraced the skits created in their name. Who could possibly forget the hilarious Larry David Saturday Night Live sketches known as Bern Your Enthusiasm, where he achieved a remarkable transformation into Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders didn’t feel harassed in the least and began telling the press that he was actually Larry David, along with chanting Larry David’s refrain of “Pretty, pretty, pretty good.”

Donald Trump, however, was taken aback by Alec Baldwin’s recent impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live and, true to form, took to Twitter to complain about it. Trump tweeted that he had just tried viewing Saturday Night Live, but that it was “unwatchable.” He further added that it was not only not very funny, but that it was biased. Donald ended his tweet by saying that the whole affair was “sad.”

Alec Baldwin’s response? He replied on Twitter, “Release your tax returns and I’ll stop. Ha.”

While many of Donald Trump’s tweets may be funny, he has also come under fire for his sarcastic tone on Twitter and for his need to record for posterity his every thought on social media. Some believe that it doesn’t suit the future leader of the free world for him to appear on Twitter as though he is simply venting like a normal person when there could be very serious diplomatic repercussions as a result of his posts.

For instance, the BBC has reported that recent Donald Trump tweets have attacked China by complaining about their monetary policies as well as operations they have in the South China Sea.

“Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency (making it hard for our companies to compete), heavily tax our products going into their country (the U.S. doesn’t tax them) or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the South China Sea? I don’t think so!”

Donald Trump with Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump at Republican National Convention

As a fun exercise, data mining journalists have grabbed 26,234 of Trump’s 34,062 tweets in order to analyze them for their news sources. There is even a handy graphic to go with it that boingboing has put up on their website. It was deemed an “echo-chamber’s echo-chamber.” So while Donald Trump does post a large number of what could be called mainstream media news sources, he mainly does it when the media in question is being flattering towards him. But when it comes to non-mainstream news sources, a favorite of Donald, one thing that all the pieces have in common is that they quote Trump verbatim. And Breitbart is the one news source that Donald tweets the very most.

“An interesting corollary to this is that to the extent that Trump himself is a broken machine-learning alcorithm with a biased sample in his draining data, he is also a source of training data for self-interested, possibly apolitical media sites that are figuring out that saying nice things about Trump gets them tweeted by the most powerful person on earth, which gets them a lot of ad-clicks.”

The fact that Trump enjoys flattering news about himself is not at all odd and just a form of human nature, but Twitter users worldwide, along with media outlets, will not be left in the dark for long if they’re waiting to hear the future president’s opinions. If they’re really curious, all they have to do is read Donald Trump’s tweets.

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