Kenya Moore Net Worth: Is Her Success Ruining Her Relationship With Matt Jordan?

Kenya Moore never really talks about money or her net worth on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and some people think that she doesn't have money. But Kenya has everything she's ever wanted, including her very own home that she built from the studs and she has a successful career in the entertainment industry. While Moore hasn't talked too much about it in the past, she does share pictures on her social media profiles from when she starred in a movie and in a Jay-Z video.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she is proud of everything she has accomplished, even if Matt Jordan can't be supportive of her. On last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Moore revealed that she and Matt had fought over her posting a picture on Instagram of herself and Jay-Z from when she starred in his music video. Clearly, Jordan couldn't handle the pressure or the jealousy and they got in a fight. While she felt she was in her full right to post the picture, some people felt that Kenya Moore provoked him.

"Always play victim maybe she need to do some self-evaluation for all this turmoil in her life... smh...." one person wrote to Kenya Moore, who replied with, "Yep me and all the girls on the show. It's called life #RHOA."

Some people, who didn't like Kenya Moore before on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, felt that she was right in her fight with Matt. There's nothing fun in dating a jealous man, who clearly can't handle a successful woman. As one follower pointed out on Twitter, strong women should be celebrated and Jordan should be celebrating his girlfriend, including celebrating all of her successes.

"Whether I agree with you or not I love that you always stay in the fight. Strong women should always be celebrated," one person wrote to Kenya in support of her personal career and personal strength, to which Moore replied, "I really appreciate that. I haven't always been that way but ty #RHOA."

Moore has revealed that she has broken up with Matt since wrapping up The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya also revealed that she was dating someone new, a much younger man. When she was asked about her plans to have a baby, Kenya admitted that she wasn't sure with this new man, as he was so young. But she does know one thing; she wants to find a partner who can celebrate her.

"I post work of all the amazing people I've had the pleasure of working with men and women. This is my legacy and anyone you are dating should be proud of your accomplishments. Thank you," Kenya Moore revealed about her career as The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired last night, sharing that she wants someone who can appreciate her legacy and her resume.

And it sounds like people agree, as Matt didn't get the best reputation after last night's episode aired. Viewers felt that he was being immature and he wasn't exactly being an adult about how he handled the situation.

"Matt has the emotional maturity of a little girl.. Where is his daddy? He needs to teach him how to deal with his emotions like a man. I knew this was wrong for you. I felt it in my spirit. You need a real man, a grown man," one person wrote about Matt, while another added, "Some men are intimidated by the alpha female!!! Your significant other should be your BIGGEST cheerleader!! He should have Pom pom's and all!!!!"

What do you think of Kenya Moore's post about celebrating her success?

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