Texas: Two Dead In Shooting During A Chase To Stop Vehicle Allegedly Carrying Illegals

La Joya, TX – A chase to stop a vehicle carrying or driven by illegal aliens along the Texas border resulted in two deaths and one injury. A state trooper in a helicopter reportedly fired upon the vehicle which was traveling along the southern border near La Joya, according to KRGV News.

A Texas Park and Wildlife Department game warden reportedly tried to pull over a vehicle suspected of smuggling illegal immigrants on Thursday afternoon, according to The Monitor. A helicopter was called in to aid in the pursuit of the vehicle attempting to evade capture. A Department of Public Services sharpshooter was on the helicopter. DPS troopers are the only officers in the Rio Grande Valley region allowed to initiate gunfire in such chases, according to The Blaze.

Multiple law enforcement agencies worked to establish blockades approximately a mile from the scene in the extremely rural area. DPS representative Katherine Cesinger had this to say about the incident:

“We do not want to speculate on any other issues at this time and have no further information.”

Cesinger did note that two people inside one vehicle died, one was injured and six more were arrested. The DPS representative termed the shooting an “enforcement action” but did not offer any details about the events leading up to the shooting or extend of the living passenger’s injuries.

The Texas Rangers are currently investigating the chase to stop the vehicle which presumably carried illegal immigrants. An unnamed law enforcement source speaking in an unofficial capacity had this to say about the incident and ongoing investigation:

“This is going to get big really, really fast. You have a law enforcement official shooting at an unarmed alien. This is not an excuse for deadly force.”

Local news coverage relating to earlier La Joya chases involving illegal immigrants: