Amber Portwood Defends Her Finances: Is She Cutting Corners With House Flipping Business?

Amber Portwood recently gave herself a mommy makeover. Rather than head to the gym and follow a strict nutrition plan, Amber decided that going under the knife was the best option for her. She also dyed her hair and quickly turned her look around. This happened as the current season of Teen Mom was coming to an end, and Portwood debuted her new look during the Teen Mom OG reunion special. So when Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran saw her new look and saw how upset Amber was with her co-star, she quickly became an easy target for bullying and humiliation.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now defending her business of flipping houses, as this was something that came up last week. When the reunion special was done, Teen Mom OG star Simon Saran decided to personally go after Amber. The two started arguing on Twitter, and Simon revealed that he had been flipping houses since she was in jail and dealing with her pill addiction. He was clearly trying to rattle her, and now Amber explains why her name isn't on the home she's flipping.

"Just watched a video about my house lol. We bought it from an investor and are flipping it as we're living here. Which is why you will not find our names..we invest and flip then sell and make profit. It's a private owner. People come on. Stop being obsessive? It's weird," Amber Portwood revealed in a series of tweets, adding, "When you pay with cash an investor is more than happy to work with you. And it's a great way to start learning how to flip larger homes."

Maybe Simon's comments about her business made some people investigate what he was saying. It's no secret that Teen Mom fans take sides in these co-star feuds, and some people may be fully supportive of Simon and Farrah Abraham. Others may support Amber Portwood because they don't like the way Farrah is treating the people around her. Last week, things heated up on Twitter, as the conversation wasn't just about flipping homes.

Simon revealed that he had been flipping homes since she was in prison -- and since Amber Portwood was filming 16 & Pregnant. He hinted that he had chosen the path of his career when she was lying on her back and getting pregnant. He may have forgotten that his girlfriend, Farrah Abraham, was in the same situation. In addition, Saran pointed to Amber Portwood's drug use, hinting that she was taking pills again.

It's no secret that Portwood has struggled with public acceptance. Many people were rooting for her when she was released from prison because they wanted her to get her life back on track, take her ex-boyfriend to court for more time with her daughter and start with an education. But when she decided to resort to surgery rather than go to the gym, some people may have lost respect for her. While Portwood wanted sympathy for her struggles, some people thought that she wasn't putting her best effort into what she really wanted.

These days, Amber is still living in a home that she's flipping with Matt Baier, and it sounds like she's happy with the way things are working out for her -- even if she doesn't have Simon's support.

What do you think of Amber Portwood's tweets, where she's defending herself and her decision to work with private investors? Do you think she's also keeping her name off the home she's living in to avoid people finding her in Indiana?

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]