Stevie J Is The Father Of Joseline Hernandez's Baby: The 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Stars Shocking Reunion

It was finally confirmed that Stevie J is the father of Joseline Hernandez's baby. After months of battling it out over a paternity test, Stevie took one, only to find out that he fathered Joseline's child. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars got together on Sunday night for the big reveal and shocked fans with news that they may be getting back together.

Just one day before Joseline and Stevie's paternity reveal, the LHHATL star trolled fans with an admission that he misses Joseline and might even get back together with her some day. A reunion between the reality stars seemed impossible considering how mercilessly they have been battling each other over the past year. Naturally, Stevie was there to promote his new VH1 show Leave It to Stevie, but it didn't take long for the questioning to turn to his relationship with Joseline.

"There's a chance," Stevie told Us Weekly via Starcasm. "As long as there's a breath, there's a chance. I never say never. You know what I'm saying? I'm not gonna say yes, but I'm not gonna say no but I never say never. I miss the way she smells when she lays on my chest but I've gotten accustomed to being by myself these days."

Well. it looks like Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez's reunion is in order. It was revealed on Sunday that Stevie is the father of Joseline's baby after months and months of skepticism and suggestions that the baby might belong to Young Dro.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez announced their baby news via Instagram in a video that has since been deleted. Thankfully, the Shade Room grabbed a copy of it so everyone who is late to the party can still see what went down.

It's amazing to see Stevie and Joseline getting along so well after the year they just went through. Most recently, Joseline sued Stevie J to force her former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta lover to submit to a paternity test after months of swearing he is the father of her child. Stevie responded and said that he would submit to the test, but if he was the father, he was fighting for full custody because he claimed Joseline was an unfit mother. Stevie also said that he believed Joseline may have been doing drugs during her pregnancy.

Over the summer, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez feuded the hardest. At the time, Joseline posted on Twitter that Stevie molested his daughter, Eva, prompting Stevie to ask for a restraining order that he was never granted. There were also claims that Stevie was suing Joseline for making those claims, but if they are back together, certainly he'll just let it go. The insults traded back and forth between Joseline and Stevie are enough to make their latest reunion seem pretty amazing.

Since Stevie J quickly deleted all traces of his reunion with Joseline Hernandez, there are new questions cropping up. Is the quick post and delete due to contract terms that one or both of them might have with VH1? It's pretty typical for reality stars to keep quiet if something they are up to might air on an upcoming episode of one of their shows. Stevie J's Leave It to Stevie is set to premiere in mid-December. Also, Joseline is currently filming her delivery special.

If Stevie and Joseline are back together, that would be a ratings bonanza for VH1 and would be perfect for Joseline's delivery special. Did the network make Stevie and Joseline remove the paternity reveal video so they could feature it on a reality show? Stay tuned because the Stevie J and Joseline reunion isn't over yet, and no one would be shocked if it turned into even more drama.

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