Jennifer Aniston Talks ‘Friends’ Reunion, ‘Office Christmas Party,’ And Joining The Mile High Club

Jennifer Aniston took time away from her busy schedule to talk about a possible Friends reunion. The actress, who is currently promoting her new film, Office Christmas Party, sadly dismissed the idea of rebooting the popular show.

According to Us Magazine, Aniston doesn’t think Friends would work within today’s social media society. The show, which launched in the ’90s, ended right before cell phones and social media took over the world.

“I don’t know what we would do,” Aniston admitted. “I think that period of time was sort of nostalgic, you know? … I think people have such affection for it, even though it was only 12 years ago since it ended… there was something about a time where our faces weren’t shoved into cellphones and we weren’t, like, checking Facebooks and Instagram, and we were in a room together, or at a coffee shop together, and we were talking … having conversations. And we’ve lost that.”

Aniston also opened up about how Friends has become a kind of “comfort food” for fans, saying, “It makes them feel better when they are down, when they want to distract themselves, because it’s always on, you can pretty much find it anywhere.”

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (with David Schwimmer) on 'Friends.' [Image by NBC Universal]

Huffington Post reports that Aniston is not the only Friends alum who isn’t ready for a reboot. Courteney Cox recently assured fans that a Friends movie will, not come to fruition while Matt LeBlanc echoed her statement shortly after.

“I don’t see it happening,” he stated. “… My opinion is that it shouldn’t happen.”

Although fans won’t likely see Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross together again, ET Online is reporting that Aniston is thinking about returning to television. The actress just sat down with Chelsea Handler and admitted that television is where all the action is at.

“We’re so all over that, television is where it’s at,” she shared. “I really do believe the shows are more interesting. There’s more opportunity for women … unless they want you as a superhero.”

Of course, Jennifer Aniston isn’t about to turn down a blockbuster role if someone asked, especially if it was a superhero role. “I would want to be, like, the really uncoordinated superhero. I couldn’t take myself seriously leaping out of somewhere in a full leather something,” she noted.

Jennifer Aniston talks Justin Theroux on 'Ellen'

Handler did not talk about Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt, who is currently going through a nasty split with Angelina Jolie. This is probably why Aniston looked so comfortable in the interview, though Handler has discussed Aniston’s former marriage in the past.

“As if Jen cares — she doesn’t care. It’s ridiculous that people still drag her into this,” the comedian explained. “Hello, as if she is sitting around even caring about this.”

Meanwhile, Aniston has stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her new film. When the conversation turned to Aniston’s current hubby, Justin Theroux, the New York Daily News reports Aniston admitted that she is part of the mile-high club.

In fact, Aniston joked around about having sex with a flight attendant and doing it in the cockpit. DeGeneres also fessed up to being a part of the club, though the conversation abruptly ended when the host asked Aniston about having sex “while eating a mini-bag of peanuts.”

“What? No, that’s just disgusting,” Aniston quipped.

Actors T.J. Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn and Courtney B. Vance pose backstage during Entertainment Weekly's PopFest at The Reef on October 30, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly]

Whether or not Aniston was just messing around is unclear. She is, however, heavily involved in the aviation industry. Not only has she starred in a number of different commercials for Emirates Airlines, but she’s also a spokeswoman for the Dubai-based organization.

Fans can watch Jennifer Aniston in action when Office Christmas Party opens in theaters on December 9, check out a preview below.

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