Chris Pratt Once Ate Restaurant Scraps, Now Pratt's Wife Anna Faris Feeling 'Insecure'

Chris Pratt doesn't always pull off the perfect magic trick, but when the cards weren't falling his way, he knew a survival trick or two.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star didn't always have it so good. Before he became a star, when he was still "struggling to make it in Hollywood," money was tight.

Pratt used to work in restaurants, where the pay was terrible and the tips not so hot, but Chris had some tricks up his sleeve that saved his bacon when rent was due and he was out of grocery money.

In the bad old days, Pratt was living in super-expensive Hollywood without the big paycheck to match. He kept at it, looking for acting jobs and auditioning every chance he got, hoping to finally hit it big and land a starring role.

Chris still had to eat, though, and he found the perfect way to do that without dipping into his almost non-existent savings. Pratt spilled the beans on how he did that during an appearance on the The Graham Norton Show.

The Huffington Post reports that long before starring in Passengers, Pratt was making the rounds of endless auditions and rejections when he found a job at an "awful Beverly Hills eatery."

"When you're in Hollywood, you need a job that gives you your days free so you can try to audition for projects."

The pay at the wasn't enough to let the Passengers star manage a roof over his head as well as food in his stomach, so he found a way to cut way back on his grocery bill.

Sometimes a "kind chef" helped out with a scrap from the kitchen, but for Pratt, the scraps didn't do the trick. Chris was a busy guy, expending a ton of energy trying to chase down the perfect acting role, and he needed fuel.

"I'd work the weekends. I worked the nights. I had no money and no one was coming to the restaurant so I wasn't making any tips.... So really, it was just a place I'd go to eat."

Mashable writes about how Pratt found another fringe benefit working in the hospitality industry. Of course, to take advantage of the opportunity, a person has to be "really hungry/desperate/dismissive of standard hygiene procedures," and out-of-work actor Chris Pratt was all of those things.

Clearing plates filled with uneaten food, the choice seemed obvious. Why scrape all that deliciousness into the garbage or compost when he could shovel it into his mouth on the sly?

While a "customer's partially eaten leftovers" might not be the most attractively plated option, the taste and calories were just as good as the version he served straight from the chef. There may have been some additional saliva, but Chris was in no position to care about that.

Chris talked about his pre-Passengers survival skills and told the story of how he got two Porterhouse steaks out of the same customer. First, he shamelessly recommended a 32-ounce Porterhouse steak to an old lady who couldn't come close to finishing it.

When the old lady was done eating her few bites, Pratt whisked her plate away and wolfed down the whole meal on his way to the kitchen. It turned out his elderly customer wanted to take the leftovers home for her dog and things got complicated, but Chris was up to the challenge. Watch the video to see what happened!

There have been other complications in Chris' life lately. Cheating rumors about Pratt and Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence are swirling around, and according to an article by the International Business Times,Pratt's wife, Anna Faris, is feeling "insecure."
As Chris' wife of seven years, Anna "admitted she gets upset hearing rumors about her marriage." Let's hope Chris can solve his marriage problems as easily as he solved his hunger problems back before he was famous!

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]