Brad Pitt: Did Jennifer Aniston Decline Star's Invitation To Catch Up? Jolie And Pitt Reportedly May Lose Custody Of Adopted Children

It has been a whirlwind couple of months for Brad Pitt, who was faced with the news that Angelina Jolie, his partner of 12 years, was filing for divorce and that she was planning to gain full custody of their six children. The drama intensified with an FBI investigation into Brad Pitt's behavior towards his children, with allegations against him of abuse. The incident that raised a red flag reportedly occurred on a private jet only days before Angelina filed papers intending to end the couple's two-year marriage.

Reports stated that Pitt was verbally abusive to the former couple's eldest son, 15-year-old Maddox, after Brad became intoxicated. There were also allegations that the notable actor lunged at the teen when he was attempting to defend his mother.

The investigation has recently concluded, and Pitt has been cleared of the accusations. The star has clearly felt the heat and stress of the experience, and reports have been flying that he has been seeking comfort from his former wife, actress Jennifer Aniston.

The Irish Independent shares a recent report from Heat magazine that Pitt recently asked Aniston to join him for dinner while both stars were in London over the past week. The publication goes on to state that the Friends beauty, who is now married to Justin Theroux, turned her former hubby down.

Brad was in the city to promote his latest film, Allied, and this has been his first major appearance since news of the divorce broke and shocked the world. Jennifer Aniston was mere miles away from Pitt as she was busy promoting her latest comedy, Office Christmas Party, at the BBC.

Pitt was reportedly extremely keen to meet up with the beauty, yet Jen, who is happily married and has been the subject of media headlines over Pitt and Jolie's divorce, was hesitant and declined.

"He called her and they had a brief conversation. But Jen, who is married to actor Justin Theroux told Brad that, while she supported him in spirit, she didn't have time to see him," and insider shared.

As noted, Jennifer Aniston was dragged into the dramatic events following the news of the A-list couple's divorce. The 47-year-old actress began trending on Twitter with as much ferocity and Brad and Angelina themselves.

It's been stated that Brad Pitt offered Aniston an apology via email for the social media hysteria that involved their marriage and the alleged affair that brought its demise. Yet, when he realized both he and Jen were mere minutes away from each other in London, Pitt wanted to have a friendly meet-up. The insider went on to explain that Jen was not willing to risk a dinner with her ex, despite their close proximity to each other.

"She is happily married and meeting Brad would be an insult to Justin. She knows what matters and it's her marriage."

Since the process of the divorce and the custody battle have gotten underway, sources close to Pitt have noted the sadness the leading man is feeling over being unable to see his children regularly. Angelina, as noted, is seeking full custody of all six children, which has left Brad heartbroken. New rumors have swirled that the former couple may lose custody of their adopted sons, Maddox and Pax.

News 18 shares the apparent reasons that this may be the case. These claims have yet to be verified, however.

"The biological mother of Pax, who was adopted by Jolie and Pitt from a Vietnam orphanage in 2007, will soon be released from a prison in Vietnam and wants to reunite with her son...While Maddox's Cambodian parents are believed to have passed away his adoption was [allegedly] 'brokered by a crooked agent' named Lauryn Galindo, who was later jailed for visa fraud and money laundering involving more than 800 adoptions."

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