Johnny Knoxville: Star Reflecting On Ryan Dunn’s Death As He Prepares For Release Of New Comedy, ‘Fun Size’

Johnny Knoxville is preparing for the release of his new Halloween-centered comedy film, Fun Size, but the noted prankster and funnyman is also reflecting on the death of his friend, Ryan Dunn.

After making a speech at a memorial service for Dunn, Johnny Knoxville told Twitter followers this week that he was visiting the grave of his friend and fellow Jackass star, noted. Knoxville has rarely spoken about his friend’s death, but shared on Twitter his recent visit to Dunn’s grave in Pennsylvania.

Johnny Knoxville wrote:

“We just visited Ryan’s grave out in Brecksville. Was glad to see he has had many people coming by to visit.”

Though he still has a heavy heart for his friend, who died in a high-speed car crash after spending an evening at a bar last year, Johnny Knoxville does have an exciting week ahead. He appears in Fun Size, a teenage comedy centered on Halloween hijinks.

The movie is the film debut for director Josh Schwartz, the creator of many hit television shows including Gossip Girl, The O.C., and Chuck.

The movie’s star, Victoria Justice, told Us Weekly that Fun Size will remind viewers of the teenage comedies of the 1980s.

Justice said Fun Size is “in the realm of a John Hughes film. There are not that many films out there that are a great teen comedy that represent what teens are going through … it has some heartwarming moments as well.”

Johnny Knoxville made an impression on his co-stars in Fun Size. Justice noted that Knoxville is “one of the most down-to-earth guys I’ve ever met. He’s so cool!”