Ireland Baldwin Goes Topless For ‘Love’ Advent

Ireland Baldwin posed nude for Advent Calendar 2016 in a tribute to Madonna’s video “Cherish,” which made its debut in 1989.

Ireland Baldwin, who is the daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, became the fourth celebrity to be featured in the Advent Calendar this year. She follows after Rita Ora, Irina Shayk, and Bella Hadid. The shoot for the calendar featured the 21-year-old model posing in a bikini while at a beach. Baldwin first rolls on the sandy beach while in a bikini and then drop her bra as she runs into the water. She does a topless tease before jumping into the water.


Ireland Baldwin’s topless footage for the Love Advent calendar represents a tribute to Madonna’s “Cherish” video, which aired for the first time in 1989. The footage for the other three models also had their own themes. Rita Ora played a dancing tribute to the 1940s song “Boogie Woogie Bugle” by The Andrews Sisters. During the shoot, Ora revealed her boobs with the nipples covered with heart-shaped stickers. Shayk’s performance copied from the pottery scene from the 90s movie, Ghost. Hadid’s performance was a parody from an 80s workout video.

This is not the first extremely revealing shoot for Baldwin. Earlier in the summer, she was involved in a photoshoot for Treats! magazine in which she was almost nude. The latest topless video shoot features her in underpants and the footage itself is black and white. The 21-year-old model is clearly not afraid to flaunt her beautiful curves.

Ireland Baldwin goes topless
[Image by Charles Sykes/AP Images]

The Love Video Advent event kicked off on December 1 and has already featured four models so far. It is expected to feature numerous other models that are yet to be revealed. It was interesting that the event featured Rita Ora though she is a musician. She, however, boasts of model-like features and is also a style icon. The 26-year-old songbird was also revealed to be Tyra Banks’ replacement for hosting America’s Next Top Model. Rita’s fellow judges in the show will include Drew Elliott of Paper Magazine, Law Roach and Ashley Graham. It will be interesting to see Ora and her bubbly personality on the show.

Ireland Baldwin goes topless
[Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

“The approach I wanted to have as a host and judge to the girls is what my career stands for at this moment in time, which is being a businesswoman and being able to do multiple things at the same time, whether it’s music or shooting (magazine covers) and being in movies and designing clothes,” said Ora about the show.

The Love Advent show will most likely feature other iconic names from the modeling fraternity and possibly a few non-modeling celebrities since Rita proved that it is not limited to models. It would also be quite interesting to see other beautiful faces such as Gigi Hadid or even one of the young Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kendall or Kylie. Unfortunately, the calendar magazine is yet to reveal the names of models that will be involved over the next few days.


Regardless of the fact that there are no details about the models for the remaining shoots, it will definitely be something to look forward to, judging by how interesting the first four days of the event have been. Baldwin did an excellent job at her shoot and in one of the scenes she is captured while looking at the camera, smiling enticingly. One cannot help but admire her curves and beauty. She clearly inherited some good genes from her parents. So far, there are four Advent videos but it is not easy to choose a favorite between them all, though Baldwin puts up quite a strong competition with her topless shoot.