Brutal Deaths Of Two Phoenix Women, Unborn Baby Remains A Cold Case Six Years Later –$10,000 Reward Offered For Information

It has been six years since two women, Melissa Mason and Nicole Glass, - both 27-years-old – and an unborn baby in Phoenix, Arizona were found dead in their home and the killer or killers have not been brought to justice, the AZ Family reports.

On December 3, 2010, an unnamed woman – who was reportedly a friend of Glass and Mason's – called 911 after finding the two women unconscious in their home near 42nd Street and Cambridge Avenue – one of the victims was found lying on the floor.

When Phoenix police officials arrived at the home, there was nothing they could do as Glass and Mason were pronounced dead at the scene.

A local medical examiner's office determined that the two women, who worked as bartenders, had been strangled to death before they were found in the home Glass had purchased in 2006.

After a police investigation, it was uncovered that there was no sign of forced entry, a violent struggle, or any evidence leading up to the women's murderer, turning their case cold.

At the time of the murder, Mason was reported to be two months pregnant and was excited about motherhood. Glass was a college student at the University of Phoenix, studying communications.

Melissa's mother, Sandra Minjarez, said, "I picture how terrified and scared she must have been, and I wasn't there. That's what kills me."

Glass' mother, Rachel, believes that her daughter was working with the police, providing information that would have made Glass a target. It was also reported that she was "suing the City of Phoenix and two unnamed police officers" in 2015 for not protecting her daughter and informing her of the risks.

However, Phoenix police assured the heartbroken mother that Glass was not an informant. They released the following statement: "The Phoenix Police Department has been aggressively investigating this homicide since it occurred in 2010."

"Although the case remains open, to date, investigators have not found any evidence to support this recent claim. The Phoenix Police Department will remain focused on the facts surrounding the case and we are committed to solving this crime."
Glass' mother said, "We'll find out because this way they'll have to open their books. Anger is history for me at this point, its acceptance, she's gone, and she's never coming back. But I want details. I want to know why. I want the circumstances around her death."
"She knows I'd never give up. I would never give up."
In this old unsolved murder case, families remain hopeful that one day someone will come forward with answers as they are desperate for closure.

Mason's sister, Samantha Smith, stated that "at least we'll know and we can move forward. We would be able to ask 'Why did you do that? Why did you kill my sister? Why did you think it was okay to take her life?'"

Every year on the day of their deaths, two families come together for a candlelight vigil and prayer near 7th and Lincoln streets.

Sergeant Jamie Rothschild said, "For a parent, the worst thing in this world that can happen is to bury a child. And we haven't been able to give the family the gift of closure."

"As time goes on, tips can be the make or break of a case. We want to ask the assailant's family and friends if they know something it's important to come forward with that information."
Silent Witness, which is an organization "dedicated to creating safer communities," is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information that will help solve Glass and Mason's cold case murders. You are urged to call 480-948-6377.

Sgt. James Rothschild, who is with Silent Witness, said, "If you have information, no matter how big or how small, maybe it's something that you assumed that police knew, that's what the investigators need. Let them look at the puzzle pieces and see if it fits in."

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