Lauren Graham Still Hasn’t Watched ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Probably Won’t, Too

The return of the Gilmore Girls was a rather tumultuous time for die-hard fans of the show. While they were overjoyed to have Rory and Lorelai back in their lives again, so much drama unfolded over A Year In The Life’s four-episode run on Netflix that viewers were left completely drained by what they saw, especially when it came to the final four words of its final episode.

But there’s one rather integral member of the Gilmore Girls family that still has not watched any of the four episodes of A Year In The Life. Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai throughout the entire tenure of the show, made this admission during her 92nd Street Y interview, via People, with Michael Ausiello.

But it’s not that Lauren Graham hasn’t had the time to sit down and watch the latest batch of episodes of the Gilmore Girls. Which would be understandable as she’s been traveling across the world over the last few weeks tirelessly promoting the release of the new episodes.

Instead it’s that she can’t bring herself to actually watch them. But that’s not all. Because the 49-year-old also suggested that she doesn’t believe she’ll actually ever do so, too, because watching them could ruin what she described as one of the most delightful moments of her life.

Lauren Graham still hasn't watch Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Lauren Graham explained her decision.

“I don’t learn anything and this has the added level of… I was so on another plane, it felt like, during the doing of the thing and I had some of my favorite moments I’ve ever had as an actor and as a person in that experience. I just want to leave it there for now — that was enough. That was more than enough. It was the best experience I’ve ever had.”

It’s not just over the last few days that Lauren Graham has been having a hard time dealing with the end of the Gilmore Girls. During her discussion at the 92nd Street Y, the actress also confessed that she couldn’t bring herself to read “Fall,” the final installment of the four-episode run for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. As such, Graham even had to shoot a couple of scenes without having read all of the script, too.

“I couldn’t read ‘Fall,’ I just couldn’t read it. I even think — and I’m sorry — I shot a couple scenes without having read the whole thing. I was on this crazy high and feeling so thankful and so pleased with what the material was, I almost didn’t want to know how it ended. I was worried where it was going and what if I’m disappointed. But finally I had to do it, ’cause I really had to film it, and I sat at the kitchen table and I cried from page one all the way to the end. It was the biggest emotional experience.

But the trauma might not actually be over for Lauren Graham. That’s because Amy Sherman-Palladino, who created Gilmore Girls, wouldn’t rule out further installments to the franchise. Palladino, who wrote and directed Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life alongside her husband, Daniel Palladino, made this admission to The Hollywood Reporter. But don’t go celebrating just yet, because at the same time she also admitted that there are absolutely zero plans for further Gilmore Girls episodes.

Lauren Graham talks Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Amy Sherman-Palladino insisted that the special episodes were pitched to both Netflix and Warner Bros. as, “This is the year in the life. This is the way it was ending,” which meant that everyone went into the four episodes believing that there wouldn’t be any further installments. However, when asked whether the reaction to Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life has provoked her to reconsider, she tantalizingly remarked, “I don’t know.”

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