Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Marriage Crisis: ‘KUWTK’ Star Uncertain About Couple’s Future? [Rumor]

Kim Kardashian isn't sure on what the future holds for her and Kanye West, it has been alleged.

The reality star, who has supported her husband with his meltdown crisis in the last two weeks, has been trying to overcome her own issues following her terrifying robbery ordeal in Paris back in October.

To say that Kim Kardashian has been holding it together would be an understatement, an insider for Hollywood Life shares. The 36-year-old is very supportive of her husband and has remained by his side when he was first rushed to the hospital last month.

But according to the outlet, things are beginning to overwhelm Kim. Kanye West's public meltdown is something that she's supposedly very familiar with behind closed doors, the source alleges.

Because of this, fans shouldn't be surprised to hear that Kim Kardashian has now moved back into momager Kris Jenner's home, as revealed by ****. It's still unclear whether Kim ditched the home she shares with Kanye because of her fear of staying alone following the Paris incident, or whether her relationship West has reached a point where it's unrepairable.

What seems to be clear at this point, however, is that the couple is not living together. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Kanye is said to have rented out a mansion away from Kim Kardashian and the children, despite the fact that Kardashian has made every possible move to support her husband.

The couple has been facing marital problems for a while, recent reports have claimed, but it was never anything that would lead family and friends to think they were getting divorced.

But things have changed lately. Following the ordeal in Paris, Kim reportedly felt as if Kanye wasn't supporting her in ways that she expected him to, and the fact that he had to leave for his Saint Pablo tour just days after put Kardashian under more concern.

And now that Kim Kardashian is still trying to overcome the Paris incident while raising her two children, North and Saint, the mother of two is unsure of what the future holds regarding her marriage to Kanye — could it potentially be over for Kim and Kanye?

"She still loves him and he's the father of her children, but her future is very unclear at the point," an insider tells the outlet.

"Kim lives with Kanye and she's known him for a decade, so none of this has been a surprise.But now that the world knows, her anxiety has spun out of control."
Hollywood Life goes on to share the following.
"Kim Kardashian is worn out from trying to keep it together, but she is definitely a strong woman, so she will be able to stay in there. As for what's in store for the West family's future, only time will tell that. But even so, things haven't gone back to normal just yet. New reports claim that Kanye has not been living with Kim in order to continue seeking treatment for his health."
Kim Kardashian has remained silent about her supposed marital problems with Kanye and has yet to publicly address West's health in public. While the TV star is known to be very open about her personal life, sources seem to think that her decision to keep quiet about her relationship seems to allude to the idea that a divorce could potentially be in the works.

Do you think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can make their marriage work from this point onwards?

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