'Arrow' Season 5 Spoilers: Season Finale To Bring Oliver Full Circle, Stephen Amell Teases Mid-Season Finale

Warning: This article contains potential Arrow Season 5 spoilers.

Since Arrow debuted on the CW in 2012, showrunner Marc Guggenheim has been telling fans he wanted to end the series just as it began: with a stranded Oliver spotting the boat that rescues him from Lian Yu. However, in a new interview with TV Line, Guggenheim says that full-circle moment will be coming faster than anticipated.

"Spoiler alert. That's going to end up being the Season 5 finale," he said.

Why the change? Well, back then, no one knew Arrow would air for five seasons, but now that the moment has arrived, Guggenheim doesn't want to alter his original vision because of the show's success. On the other hand, he has no intention of drawing the show to a premature close.

"It was really just a hope at that point [in 2012] that the show would run five years, and we always thought that we would intercut the final moment of the series with the first moment of the series, that it would form one big Moebius strip. There's still a part of me that wishes we could do that. But I wouldn't want to artificially extend the flashbacks [beyond five seasons], and I also wouldn't want to artificially cut the show short. It would've been a beautifully elegant thing, and Five Years Ago Me would've loved it. But things change, and I do think it'll make the Season 5 finale pretty awesome."
Arrow Stephen Amell
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So what else can Guggenheim tease about the Arrow Season 5 finale?

"Look, we have some incredibly clear plans for what we want to do in the Season 5 finale," he said.

"At the same time, we always leave ourselves room to be like, '…and throw this cliffhanger in, throw that twist in.' Usually the craziest ideas on this show tend to be the ones that the ideas sort of linger, and we never really quite set on them. Like, 'Oh, maybe we'll kill off Tommy?' We don't fully commit until we're pretty much breaking the episode."
But before fans can enjoy the Arrow Season 5 finale, they must get through the Arrow mid-season finale -- called "What We Leave Behind" -- which airs next week. According to Comicbook, series lead Stephen Amell (Oliver/Arrow) held a Facebook Q&A session where he was asked if Artemis would betray Team Arrow in the episode.

"Maybe," Amell said.

"I can tell you that Artemis plays a big, big role in our fall finale which airs this Wednesday."
The actor also lavished the episode with high praise.
"I know sometimes I say this, but it's probably the episode I'm most proud of this year. Does it have the history and the characters and all of the things that the 100th episode has? No, of course not. That would be impossible, but I'm so proud of that episode."
Overall, he implored fans to tune in to the Arrow Season 5 mid-season finale.
"Watch next week's episode, and for god's sake, do not miss the last scene."
Arrow Laurel Lance
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Speaking of "What We Leave Behind," Bleeding Cool speculates that the Arrow fall finale may pave the way for the return of Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). She appeared in last week's 100th episode, but, perhaps more telling, she is scheduled to be part of an episode airing in January called "Second Chances." The summary for the episode is as follows: "The team feels strange as Laurel returns." BC thinks it's possible Damian Darhk could side with Eobard Thawne to change his destiny after White Canary told him his future plans fail, which could mean all of Season 4 is erased and Laurel would be spared.

What do you think of the latest Arrow Season 5 spoilers? Do you like the idea of Oliver's story coming full circle for the Season 5 finale? Would you like Laurel Lance to return?

The Arrow Season 5 mid-season finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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