The Secrets Behind Russell Crowe’s Divorce Revealed?

Russell Crowe’s alleged wild ways and fragile ego are rumored to be the primary reasons for his divorce. The Oscar-winning actor has two children from estranged wife, Danielle Spencer. The couple’s children include Charles, 8, and Tennyson, 6, according to Radar Online.

Not long after the Crowe, 48, and Spencer, 43, tied the knot in 2003, the actor was photographed at a German strip club. While Crowe was reportedly partying at The Dollhouse in Hamburg, Danielle was at home in Australia carrying their child.

The movie star’s camp allegedly tried extremely had to halt the publication of the strip club photos. In the end, the pictures were published and the actor’s team ramped into damage control mode. Russell’s public relations team claimed that had Danielle been traveling with her husband, she would have joined him at the nudie bar.

Partying allegations when the actor was in New York and Toronto in 2005 reportedly highlighted Russell’s “high-strung” reputation. Crowe was allegedly so drunk at a London bar in 2002, he licked a woman’s face and invited her back to his hotel room.

Danielle Spencer was allegedly regarded by neighbors as a single mom. She and the children are rumored to have lived at the couple’s Rose Bay mansion alone. Crowe reportedly stayed at a penthouse the pair had once shared in Woolloomooloo, Australia. When the Gladiator star did venture to Rose Bay, he was allegedly spotted primarily with the children at soccer games and not with Danielle.

Some celebrity pundits feel the New Zealand native intentionally took on a heavy workload because he knew his marriage was crumbling and he realized a hefty divorce settlement loomed. Spencer has been working to embark on a career as a singer/songwriter, according to the Daily Mail.