Netflix December 2016: The 10 Best Psychological Movies On Netflix For A Brainy Good Time

Some of the best psychological movies can be found on Netflix during December 2016. Sometimes Netflix viewers want movies to make them laugh, or to make them cry, and sometimes they want titles to make them think. The movies listed below are either favorites of Netflix subscribers or by critics, and they are all available during December 2016.

The Best Psychological Movies On Netflix For December 2016

Red Lights

Though critics panned this movie, Netflix audiences have rated it above three stars (out of five). Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver star in this X-Files-esque thriller about psychic phenomena. Fox News explains why this is one of the best psychosomatic movies on Netflix for December 2016.

"Gimmicks and all, 'Red Lights' is an astute psychological puzzle that flows…Writer and director Rodrigo Cortés ('Buried') gives us a sophisticated, yet uneven, game of cat and mouse – an entertaining debate between science and the paranormal. [It] keeps us guessing to the very end – and with a film like this, you can't really ask for much more."
The Perfect Host

David Hyde Pierce played a psychiatrist in Frasier, and in this film, he portrays a man in desperate need of one. The less a viewer knows about this film the better, and if you like your movies with mystery and dark comedy then look no further.

Netflix December 2016
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A blind woman receives a transplant that allows her to see again. She then witnesses a murder and is soon stalked by a serial killer, but with her sight not being 100 percent, she learns that she can't always trust what she sees.


Edgy, suspenseful, and dark, Nightcrawler is one of the most thought provoking movies on Netflix. Jake Gyllenhaal brilliantly portrays a man who makes his living as an L.A. crime journalist. But as the line becomes blurred on reporting news and creating it, he becomes the star of his own story.

We Need To Talk About Kevin

This film has an impressive rating of four out of five stars by subscribers, and Rotten Tomatoes explains why this is one of the best movies on Netflix for December 2016.

"A suspenseful and gripping psychological thriller, Lynne Ramsay's We Need to Talk About Kevin explores the factious relationship between a mother and her son. Tilda Swinton, in a bracing, tour-de-force performance, plays the mother, Eva, as she contends for 15 years with the increasing malevolence of her first-born child, Kevin (Ezra Miller). Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, We Need to Talk About Kevin explores nature vs. nurture on a whole new level as Eva's own culpability is measured against Kevin's innate evilness."

Some of the best independent movies can be found on Netflix and judging by subscribers' ratings and the critics, this deserves to be on that list.

The Forgotten

If you like movies that leave you with more questions than answers, then you will most likely enjoy The Forgotten. Julianne Moore portrays a mother searching for the disappearance of her son, even though her psychiatrist claims she is delusional and he never existed.

The Machinist

If you have ever wondered what insomnia can lead to, or what Christian Bale looks like thin, then look no further. Bale portrays a man that has trouble sleeping, then he has an accident at work, and then he starts seeing people who aren't there. The Machinist is one of the most compelling movies on Netflix.

The Scapegoat

Two men who are very opposite have one thing in common—a face. When a man gets his identity stolen from his doppelganger, he resumes the life of the man who stole it. But his new image comes with some complications, including family secrets that could prove fatal.

The Da Vinci Code

In one of his most controversial movies, Tom Hanks stars in this fun adventure filled with mystery and intrigue. Tune into the mystery soon because The Da Vinci Code leaves Netflix on December 14.

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From The Perfect Host to The Scapegoat, some of the best thought-provoking movies can be found on Netflix for December 2016.

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