Kate Beckinsale Reveals How She Fills That 'Underworld: Blood Wars' Catsuit So Perfectly

There's no denying that Kate Beckinsale's Selene is the center of attention in the Underworld films and, as Screen Gems releases a set of posters that teases a thrilling transformation for Selene, Beckinsale opens up about what it has taken to make her character the woman she is in the film. As previous video teasers have revealed, Selene makes a great sacrifice in a move to bring the lycan-vampire war to a final end. While that sacrifice may claim her life, that doesn't mean Selene is out for the count. In fact, Underworld: Blood Wars teasers have already revealed that the deadliest Death Dealer is back for more with a frosted hairstyle, a sleeker form, and even more tricks up her sleeve.

Underworld: Blood Wars Poster Teases Kate Beckinsale's Ultimate Catsuit Transformation

As Coming Soon shared, Underworld: Blood Wars has released a number of teasers for eager fans, including a motion poster in which Kate Beckinsale's Selene transforms from her traditional look to her new revamped appearance. As Underworld: Blood Wars opens, Selene once again teams up with Theo James' David, jumping into the heat of things in the midst of the war between the two immortal clans.

Bringing fresh blood to the Underworld sequel, director Anna Foerster has brought in Tobias Menzies (Outlander, Rome) as a fierce new lycan leader, while Lara Pulver (Sherlock) stirs things up as a particularly power hungry new vamp.

Another video teaser for Underworld: Blood Wars sets greater focus on Beckinsale as the fearless Selene. In fact, the teaser quotes Kate's line "Do I look worried?" to emphasize the new, deadlier dark heroine. This teaser ties various clips together, all of which show Selene flying into action, blazing up the scenes with her sleek form and her favorite weapons, that pair of silver pistols.If that's not enough for Underworld fans, viewers of tonight's episode of The Walking Dead will get to see another new teaser, while SnapChat users can access a new lens for giving their pictures an Underworld edge.

Kate Beckinsale Reveals How She Still Fills Out That Underworld Catsuit

The Daily Mail reports that Kate Beckinsale was willing to share her fitness secrets with Underworld: Blood Wars fans and shared that there is a method to slipping into her now iconic catsuit. She confessed that the trick to looking good in Selene's latex outfit is to maintain a very specific weight range and, while one certainly doesn't want to appear overweight in the form fitting attire, Kate says the trick is to not look too skinny either.

"I eat more in catsuit mode or I'd never get through the gym sessions," explains Beckinsale. "There's always the fear I'll overdo it though," she added.

Ms. Beckinsale also explains that it has been a long running concern and that the pressure to look pretty much unchanged in Blood Wars as she did in 2003's Underworld can be compared to the weight gain concerns felt by many.

"It's a bit like putting on your wedding dress every five years or so," explained the Underworld: Blood Wars star.

"Does it still fit or am I fat?"
As for her workouts, Kate says she never stops, so it's not like she's suddenly shocking her body with some intense workout, just out of the blue. Ms. Beckinsale says she maintains a regular workout schedule on a daily basis. That may make Kate sound like the athletic type, but the Underworld: Blood Wars star says she was never the active type, preferring creativity over sports.

It has been the Underworld franchise that inspired Beckinsale to strengthen her body as well as her will, as she believes a woman's body is always under attack, metaphorically and physically, when she's at the center of an action film.

"To have a sense of mastery and confidence and strength in your body is really important just to withstand all that," says Underworld: Blood War star Kate Beckinsale.

Finally, Kate says she feels proud that her daughter can see her as the lead in an action-driven blockbuster, like the Underworld films. She says her daughter is too young to understand how amazing it is for a female to be at the center of a huge action/fantasy franchise.

"But we were at the very beginning of all that and I feel very privileged to be a part of moving the needle," says Beckinsale.

Underworld: Blood Wars will hit theaters on January 6.

[Featured Image by Screen Gems]