Amy Locane Chattering And Name-Dropping After Fatal DUI, EMT Says

Amy Locane, the former Melrose Place actress accused of DUI in two accidents, one fatal, back in 2010, was more concerned with her star power than the condition of the woman killed that night, an EMT has testified.

Amy Locane has not been much in the public eye save for parts on the 90s show, in the film Cry-Baby, and as Maggie Gyllenhaal’s sister in Secretary, but the night of the crash that killed Helene Seeman, 60, Locane was reportedly “chattering” about her career as she was transported away from the fatal collision.

First responder to the scene Ali Larcombe testified in Amy Locane’s trial this week, describing a woman who appeared intoxicated and spoke of her career without asking of the condition of the other people in the car she crashed into as she was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Larcombe stated:

“She asked if we knew who she was … We had no idea what she meant.”

The EMT continued:

“After the fact we realized she was referring to show business … She was in her own world, spaced out … She didn’t have sense of the magnitude. She was, I don’t want to use the word happy, but unaware.”

ER nurse Christine Wiggins also testified that Locane was chattering and excitable the night of the crash, noting that Locane admitted to drinking and driving before getting into two accidents that evening, and said:

“She was talking almost incessantly … Manic.”

A lawyer for Amy Locane contends that others share blame in the accidents, including the woman who followed the Melrose Place actress after she fled the scene of the first and less serious crash.