‘American Horror Story’ Season 7: Is Ryan Murphy Leaving The Show?

American Horror Story Season 7 could be just around the corner this spring, but does that mean that creator Ryan Murphy will be back with it? There has been a host of new shows pop up for the AHS creator, but none of them are spinoffs of the show, indicating that Murphy could be paying attention to the success of his new pilots.

One thing that American Horror Story fans have all agreed on over the past six seasons of the show is that Ryan Murphy has been an integral part of making it a hit. His key direction with plots and season stories have been somewhat of a dream sequence, no matter how horrific the scenes have been in between.

But the real question here is whether or not Ryan Murphy has the time to have anything to do with Season 7 of American Horror Story, now that he has new shows popping up in every corner of the broadcast and cable market.

His latest new show that is coming up, Feud, will finally bring Jessica Lange back under Ryan Murphy’s umbrella as a leading lady for the show. Interestingly enough, there are many that will say that Jessica Lange was the second half of Ryan Murphy over the first four seasons of American Horror Story that made it a hit.

There is still a strong and devoted fan list that will come back for Season 7 of American Horror Story just because it has the right creepy noir vibe, but still appeals to modern tropes of horror and mixes it in with the classic storylines that people love to see.

If that is what Ryan Murphy wanted for American Horror Story, then he certainly achieved his goal. But after six seasons, does that mean Murphy will be stepping back and letting the show run its course, allowing himself to focus on other shows that he currently has in his pipeline?

AHS fans should remember that Ryan Murphy is the brainchild of several other shows that were destined for greatness. Those shows include Feud, American Crime Story, Glee, and Scream Queens.

For those AHS fans who have been keeping up with Ryan Murphy’s library of shows, then you should know that Feud is poised to make a huge impression on cable audiences all around. Not only did Jessica Lange sign on to the Ryan Murphy show, but she will be co-starring alongside Susan Sarandon, telling the story of one of Hollywood’s biggest rivalries of all-time, according to Deadline.

Jessica Lange will portray Joan Crawford, and Susan Sarandon will portray Bette Davis on Ryan Murphy’s Feud. The two women are destined to play such enormous roles that pit the two against each other in a legendary true story that FX is bringing to their fans, which includes those that frequently watch American Horror Story.

Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange are all in Ryan Murphy’s new show “Feud” omg pic.twitter.com/7KqOAF2dTX

— Lrrr (@NeptuneAv) November 24, 2016

For those AHS fans who don’t know, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were two legendary actresses in Hollywood who both had thriving careers, but found themselves constantly at odds with each other, leading to a major rivalry against one another.

American Horror Story fans that have seen season installments such as Freak Show, Coven, and Murder House, then you know all too well that this role is something that had Jessica Lange’s name written all over it.

But this also begs the question as to how much involvement Ryan Murphy will want to have with American Horror Story now that the show has seen so much success and he is looking to launch others to make them just as successful. Although AHS definitely has a good playbook to work from as well as Ryan Murphy’s own themes to inspire his showrunners, will AHS still be the same show without him should he step back and be less involved?

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