Apple UK Website Adds Court Ordered Samsung Apology

Apple on Friday added a court ordered statement regarding Samsung to its website. The link which can be found at the bottom of reads “Samsung/Apple UK judgement.”

Clicking on the link takes Apple customers to a new page. The new page explains that the High Court of Justice of England and Wales found the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9, and Tab 7.7 do not infringe one of Apple’s design patents.

The ruling was handed down by Judge Birss. The judge in his ruling claimed that “the extreme simplicity of the Apple design,” and its “cool design” which Samsung devices lack made the case null and void.

Also on display at the Apple website are full copies of the judgement.

Apple didn’t just simple roll over because of the judgement; the company also took the chance to mention its massive $1.1 billion win over Samsung in US court.

The Samsung advert judgement extends well beyond the company’s website; Apple must next take out ads in UK national newspapers including the Financial Times and Daily Mail.

Ironically, as Apple has tried to halt the sale of Samsung devices, the very patent battles it has waged have helped boost sales for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Tab devices.

Here is a screengrab of the Samsung article from Apple:

Samsung Apple Apology Letter UK

In the meantime, Apple continues to take on its opponents in court, and, because of its actions, more companies have begun to file patent lawsuits against the tech giant.

Do you think Apple got what it deserved in its UK court battle against Samsung?