'Teen Mom' Wars: The Most Intense Feuds From 'Teen Mom OG' And 'Teen Mom 2'

Teen Mom has made the MTV network a pretty penny. The initial show, 16 & Pregnant was supposed to be a short-lived docu-series, but ended up a huge phenomenon that turned into what fans know and love today. Between Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, there is enough drama to keep both shows going for several more seasons. Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans are two of the most notable stars from the franchise, each of them having arguments with their co-stars on more than one occasion.

Right now, the biggest Teen Mom feud being talked about is Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham. This seemingly came out of nowhere. Portwood has always been in Abraham's corner, even when the other girls were shunning her. The current season of Teen Mom OG has been intense and this feud came to a head when the girls filmed the reunion. According to Hollywood Life, the Teen Mom feud between Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham will become physical. It is set to air tomorrow night as Teen Mom OG wraps for the season. This is not the first time things have gotten physical on this show, but it will likely be the last.Amber Portwood has had issues with her temper in the past. A feud between her and Gary Shirley erupted during their relationship, partially leading her to serve time in prison. She was caught on the Teen Mom cameras placing her hands on Shirley and the network had to report it to the police. Despite all of the heartache it caused and the way things changed her life, Portwood has settled down since being released from prison. Farrah Abraham really pushed her buttons and that is why she got physical. It wasn't planned, but the Teen Mom feud between Portwood and Shirley was mild compared to what viewers will see tomorrow night.Teen Mom 2 has had plenty of fights but the biggest feud has to be between Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara. The two have never gotten along, and when Evans decided she no longer wanted the responsibilities of being a mom, Barbara ended up with custody of Jace. There has been an epic custody battle between the mother and daughter duo, and Evans is quite nasty to her mother when it comes to Jace. She has also had several violent confrontations with her ex-boyfriends. In fact, Evans had charges pending for an assault of Nathan Griffith's ex-girlfriend. It is an incredibly sad position for Jenelle Evans.
At one point or another, all of the Teen Mom franchise stars have feuded with their boyfriends or ex-boyfriends. They have even feuded among themselves a time or two. Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska have a complicated existence. The two have exchanged words on several occasions over the way each is treated. Jealousy is definitely a part of it, but these two girls get incredibly harsh with each other. Now, both are expecting children in the next few months. Things have calmed down between them, but all is not forgiven or forgotten.
With Teen Mom OG going out with a feud front and center and Teen Mom 2 returning with a feud between pregnant co-stars, there is going to be a lot of drama on the MTV network over the next few months. Many of the feuds have been on social media and have not gotten physical, but there have been at least two physical altercations, both involving Amber Portwood. Once everything is done and over with, people will still be talking about the various Teen Mom feuds and where the ladies are in their lives at that point.

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