Former 'BBWLA' Star Draya Michele Finally Shares Photos Of Jru, Gets Questioned About Orlando Scandrick Paternity

Draya Michele is finally letting fans get a glimpse of her infant son Jru after months of keeping him hidden. After a picture of the tiny tot was posted, Draya got some feedback she probably wasn't expecting, but the former BBWLA star is already responding. It turns out that some are questioning whether or not Orlando Scandrick is the father of baby Jru because the kid has red hair and that has Jru's mom pretty mad.

Jru is nearly eight-months-old now, and Draya is finally letting the world see what her newest son looks like. Baby Jru was born back in April and despite fans practically begging the former reality star to show off a snap of her newborn, Draya just wouldn't do it.

At one point, the former BBWLA star even told a fan that Jru was still really young and not done changing yet as the reason for her hesitation to share pictures of him. That confusing response from Draya had a lot of people wondering if she was embarrassed or if her baby boy wasn't cute (as if any baby wouldn't be absolutely beautiful.)

So imagine how excited Draya's fans got when she finally shared a photo of her adorable baby boy. In the Instagram photo, Jru is dressed up in his dad's Dallas Cowboys jersey. Many of her fans commented on how Jru looked like her and Orlando Scandrick.

Others weren't so nice and made several comments questioning Jru's paternity and whether Orlando might not really be his father. According to Bossip, several haters were pretty nasty in the comments section of baby Jru's picture and even blasted Draya, saying that she must have cheated on Orlando Scandrick with a white man because there was no way he could be the father. Apparently, many of the commenters believed that Jru was way too light-skinned for that paternity to be true.

Draya Michele didn't ignore the Instagram disses and quickly defended herself and the paternity of her adorable little boy. She posted side by side photos of herself and Jru to show everyone how much he looks like her. It's obvious that Jru is definitely Draya's kid because their baby pictures are nearly identical.

Draya also said, in her own defense, that she "doesn't do pink meat" meaning that she doesn't sleep with white men in response to allegations that she may have cheated on Scandrick with a white man when she got pregnant with her newest child.

Thankfully, Draya is friends with Emily B, who happens to have a child with rapper Fabolous. Emily jumped in to defend Draya and the paternity of Jru, who clearly looks just like Draya. Emily said that she has two children of her own whose appearance would also seem questionable. "Both of my sons are my color with red hair (which neither of us have) it's called genetics," Emily wrote in the comments of Draya's photo.

Considering the backlash that popped off after Draya Michele finally shared a picture of her infant son, it's pretty understandable why she waited so long. With so many commenters claiming that Orlando Scandrick might not be the father and questioning Draya about her baby, fans will be lucky if they ever get to see the little boy again. This isn't the first time that Draya has been embroiled in a paternity scandal. The former Basketball Wives LA star also fielded paternity rumors when she told everyone that her older son's father is not famous and everyone kept insisting that he was the secret love child of Gilbert Arenas.

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