E! 'The Royals' Season 3 Premieres Tonight, Catch Up On Season 2 [Spoilers]

The E! series The Royals returns tonight with Season 3, which will provide fans with new information and more questions, including how it's possible that Prince Robert is alive, will he seek his rightful place as king, and if Robert is alive, who was in that casket? One thing is certain, King Cyrus is about to have a royal fit.

Fans are eager to see The Royals Season 3, as the series seems to increase with popularity and viewership with each season, according to the Inquisitr. The basis for the series is that evil lurks in the palace, and sometimes, it's not who you'd expect. With Elizabeth Hurley and Joan Collins, The Royals is not short on star power or good looks. And with the popularity of the Netflix series The Crown, interest in the royals lives is at a high point. On The Royals, all characters from the past, even the dead ones, can always return suddenly.

Hollywood Life spoke at length with The Royals star Max Brown, aka Prince Robert, to find out where the prince has been for two seasons, and why he didn't return sooner. Brown indicates that viewers will get to see more of Prince Robert, and his life with his royal family through a series of flashbacks. Brown feels that Prince Robert will bring back some of the good that went missing when the king, Robert's father, was killed.
"He was obviously being groomed to be the next King of England, being the first born son of the Henstridges. As a character for me, he was someone who is very moralistic. It's going to be very interesting season kind of discovering what kind of lying beneath the surface."


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Many of the characters on The Royals, and their behavior, were only seen after the death of Prince Robert, so viewers have to wonder how much of it was set off by Robert's death. Princess Eleanor in particular, has been out of control for two seasons, with a 24/7 mix of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, and much of that might have been in response to the loss of her big brother. Though Brown doesn't want to give too much away, he is willing to drop a hint or two.

"I can't say much because I don't want to spoil anything for the season, but you kind of start to see flashes of him in the show and what's going on in his head, what drives him as a man, and whether he's going to live up to this responsibility that is weighing on his shoulders."
TV Line says that a new level of wicked will be coming to the palace for season three of The Royals, as King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) has his reign threatened by the rightful heir. Maskall calls King Cyrus "kraken unleashed," and says that Cyrus will literally stop at nothing to remain king.
"Cyrus wanted it with this burning passion, but never thought it would actually happen. He's in heaven. He's a pig in s–t. He's the most powerful person in the country. … He's got nothing to live for apart from the crown, which makes him a little bit fearless."
King Cyrus will have to balance his ruthless ambition with his actual love for Robert, which hints that he was not involved with Prince Robert's "accident."
"Him coming back could screw everything up for Cyrus if he doesn't play his cards right. Cyrus has always had a soft spot for Robert."
The high point (or perhaps low point) of season three of The Royals will be the big royal family Christmas at the palace.

Will you be watching the season 3 premiere of The Royals? Where do you think Prince Robert has been for two seasons?

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