'Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite' Deal Between Companies: Could We Be Seeing Iron Man's Proton Cannon Or Spider-Man's Maximum Spider In The MCU? [Op-Ed Part 1]

On Saturday, December 4, the video gaming world received confirmation of a game that nobody thought would ever happen. It was on this day at Playstation Experience that the next installment pitting Marvel versus Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

According to a written article by Gamespot, it reports that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite made its debut at Playstation Experience, confirming numerous rumors springing up on NeoGAF and a huge rumor article published by Polygon. The trailer shown featured four of the game's characters, two from Capcom and two from Marvel. The former had X from the Mega Man X series and Ryu from the Street Fighter series. The latter had Iron Man from The Avengers and Captain Marvel from Inhumans. They were pitted in a two-on-two battle utilizing the Infinity Stones to gain an advantage in the fight. At one time, Ryu had the upper hand after harnessing the Power Gem. The tides turned when Captain Marvel harnessed the Time Gem. Needless to say, the bells and whistles the debut trailer had was enough to get fans excited.

However, the question that needs to be asked is why is there Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite in the first place? Don't get me wrong, I am happy there is a new game in pitting Marvel versus Capcom and another installment in the VS. Series overall, but on Marvel's side, it really is not necessary. Fans do clamor for certain games, but even the most hardcore fans did not even think this game was for one second being developed. So back to the original question, why?

Before we answer that question, we have to detail why Marvel most likely did not need to have Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. The first reason is quite obvious and that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). After Disney bought Marvel (well most of it), the Marvel movies in the MCU stood out from the other Marvel movies made under the umbrella of either Fox or Sony. The MCU is so far the only consistent hit-maker when it comes to Marvel movies, too, in which The Avengers now surpass the X-Men as the primary Marvel team. Even Marvel themselves are trying to bury the licenses owned by Fox as X-Men and Fantastic Four comics are no longer being made. That is a shame because half of Marvel consists or is linked to X-Men in some way, fashion, or form.

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Second reason why Marvel does not need a Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Marvel Contest of Champions. The mobile app game is making Marvel so much money at probably a quarter or 10th of the cost it makes to create a console game simply through in-game purchases. Just like most mobile app games, it suckers you in for being free but the more dedicated you become, the chances of you buying in-game upgrades and characters increases. Let's not forget there are other mobile app games that use the Marvel license too, like Marvel Avengers Academy and Marvel Tsum Tsum.

The aforementioned reasons are probably the primary two in a myriad of reasons why Marvel does not need a Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite title. However there are three possible reasons why Marvel might need a Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, too. We will only talk about one right now, the move set Marvel characters have in the VS. Series. Even though certain moves and attacks are inspired by Marvel characters, unless they originally existed in Marvel comics before, they are most likely not exactly property of Marvel. What comes to mind is Iron Man's Proton Cannon or Spider-Man's Maximum Spider.

Maybe that is why we haven't seen Iron Man use the Proton Cannon in the MCU or Spider-Man use the Maximum Spider in his movies. However, wouldn't it be cool if they actually did? Apparently, so given the reaction of a video made by YouTuber Frob Man when he edited in the theme music for Captain America from Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3) and its characters' sound bytes into the airport battle scene in Captain America: Civil War.

Near the end of the video, Captain America is in the midst of a flurry against Iron Man. Those who saw Captain America: Civil War know the scene because it looked as if Iron Man was going to lose. In Frob Man's video, he edited in "Final Justice," the level three hyper combo Captain America has. If you read the comments, many went nuts over this edit. It was simply perfect.

Ultimately, the aforementioned is speculation but it is one derived from what fans of both the MCU and Capcom's crossovers with Marvel would really like to see. Will we finally see Iron Man use the Proton Cannon or the Iron Avenger? Spider-Man use Maximum Spider in the MCU? War Machine use the War Destroyer in the MCU? Rocket Raccoon use the Rocky Raccoon in the MCU?

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