WWE News: Paige Suspension Ends Next Week But She May Not Return

The WWE suspended women's superstar Paige for 60 days after she failed a second straight WWE wellness test. 411mania reported on Friday that the 60-day Paige suspension ends next week and she will become eligible to return. However, there is little chance that Paige will return to the company at that time.

The problem with Paige returning to the WWE is that she underwent surgery to repair damage to her neck and is rumored to be out until sometime in 2017. The surgery itself was controversial because the WWE allegedly didn't want her to undergo it and she ignored them and had her neck fixed anyway.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Paige chose to undergo the surgery because her doctors felt it was necessary. The reports from the WWE indicated that their doctors didn't think she needed the surgery at all. Paige's fiance Alberto Del Rio made sure to let the fans know that Paige did need the surgery.

Alberto Del Rio went to Twitter and posted what he claimed was a text from a doctor and made a comment that "they say she's not hurt." The text showed that Paige had a disc herniation at c6/7 pushing on the exit of the C7 nerve root. That was causing upper extremity pain and neck pain. The doctor noted that Paige had a lot of wear and tear for someone as young as her.

It is interesting that the WWE was reportedly not wanting her to have surgery. The WWE is in the middle of a lawsuit with dozens of former wrestlers who claim that the company was not forthcoming when it comes to helping them when they were injured while working there.

There is also the CM Punk lawsuit where he alleges that a WWE doctor ignored a number of injuries he sustained and kept sending him back out to wrestle despite needing surgery. The doctor has sued CM Punk for making the comments and the WWE is taking the doctor's side.

Paige underwent surgery on Oct. 19 to repair a herniated disc in her neck. She hasn't appeared in the WWE since June. The WWE suspended Paige for 30 days back in August, shortly after the WWE brand split draft. They also suspended Alberto Del Rio and soon agreed to release the Mexcian superstar.

The first Paige suspension was allegedly because she was unable to make it to the drug testing that they called her for. The Inquisitr reported that Paige said she was suspended the second time because she was on doctor-prescribed medication for her pain, but the WWE shot back and said she was lying about that.


When, and if, Paige returns is now up in the air. The WWE has a policy in place that terminates any employee who fails three wellness tests. That means if Paige fails another drug test or doesn't show up to the test at all, the WWE has no choice but to fire her from the company.

However, there is a question of whether that is what Paige is hoping will happen. Alberto Del Rio has begun wrestling in Mexico once again and Paige proposed to him at a live show. With the two marrying, there has to be a case where Paige might not want to return to the WWE.

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