Casey Anthony ‘Guilty,’ According To Former Bodyguard

Casey Anthony is a name that just won’t go away. She was made famous in 2008 when she was accused of murdering her then-2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. The entire story surrounding the toddler’s disappearance was strange, and Anthony was changing her story every chance she got. Initially, it was believed the little girl disappeared in the Tampa, Florida-area with a nanny. The name of the nanny was reported as Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, but that was proven to be false when the lady was found and had not even seen or met Casey Anthony — or her daughter, Caylee.

The initial arrest for Casey Anthony happened in July of 2008, a little over a month after Caylee Anthony was last seen. Casey’s mother was the one to call the police and acknowledge that the little girl had been missing for over a month after discovering her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body. While Anthony denied she had anything to do with her daughter’s disappearance, it wasn’t very believable. She was later acquitted of the murder of young Caylee.

According to Us Weekly, Casey Anthony’s ex-bodyguard believes she is absolutely guilty. Rob Dick spoke out on the podcast, Allegedly and specifically told the hosts he believes she was guilty. He talked about some signs that were apparent when she was released from jail, including her not even asking about if anything had been found out about Caylee while she was locked up.

Unfortunately, Casey Anthony was alerted that the remains of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, were found in the woods just miles from her parent’s home. It was mid-December, and all of the little girl’s bones were scattered. Anything that could have been used for evidence to identify the killer was decomposed or gone. The world was shocked at the condition in which the child was disregarded and many believed that Casey was indeed the person who murdered little Caylee. She was officially indicted and charged, but her trial didn’t begin for a little over two more years.

When it came time for the verdict, and Casey Anthony was found not guilty on the most important charges, the world went nuts. She was found guilty on the counts of providing false information, but that wasn’t the justice many believed Caylee Anthony deserved. It has been over five years since she was released back into the public, and Anthony has been in hiding ever since. In fact, she has remained out of the spotlight as well. There was minimal coverage of her back in 2013 when she filed bankruptcy. With all of the attorney fees and fines she owed for the cost of the trial, and lying to the police and using their resources, there was no way Anthony could pay everything she owed.

There have been several people who knew Casey Anthony during the disappearance of Caylee Anthony — and the trial — who have spoken out and said that they believed she was guilty. Rob Dick talking to the Allegedly hosts and confirming it isn’t something people find shocking. It is rather sad that people around her knew that she was at fault, but had to protect her anyway. During a conversation Anthony had with Piers Morgan in 2012, she told him that her daughter was her greatest accomplishment. The world cringed at her comments.

It has been almost eight years since Casey Anthony was alerted that her daughter had been found. Caylee Anthony would have been 10-years-old this year, had she not been murdered. Despite the charges and all of the publicity from the trial, Anthony is living quite an easy life. Rumors of her having more children have been circulating for years, but as far as anyone knows, she is not expecting at this time. Casey Anthony is a name many would like to forget, but few will ever be able to completely.

[Featured Image by Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images]