L.A. Rams: Eric Dickerson Will Not Go To Games With Jeff Fisher As Coach, Despite Meeting With Team Officials

L.A. Rams Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson will not attend the team’s games as long as Jeff Fisher remains the coach, per ESPN.

Dickerson recently met with L.A. Rams executive vice president of football operations Kevin Demoff. Dickson said the two had a very good meeting earlier this week.

“We talked for almost three hours, trying to resolve things, ” Dickerson said via ESPN.

“… The conversation went well. I think we got some things resolved. He said, ‘You’re always part of the organization.'”

Still, Dickerson says he stands behind his word. He will not attend games for the Rams franchise that helped him earn Hall of Fame status while Jeff Fisher is the coach.

Dickerson said he does not have a vendetta against Fisher. He also credited the Rams organization for trying to welcome him back and get this issue straightened out.


The meeting came after Dickerson and Fisher had a public back and forth. Dickerson outed Fisher about a phone conversation between the two, where Fisher essentially told the former Rams star that his public comments made players uncomfortable.

According to Dickerson, Fisher basically said Dickerson was not welcomed on the sideline after he had requested sideline passes to an upcoming game.

Fisher later backtracked in that conversation, but Dickerson vowed to Fisher that he would never go to a Rams game as long as Fisher is the team’s coach.

After Dickerson’s initial public comments, Fisher told reporters this week that Dickerson is always welcome. He said he did not know where the disagreement came from, per UPI. Fisher said he wanted to Dickerson to be a part of the Rams family.

Dickerson maintained via ESPN that the call he received from Fisher was disrespectful.

Dickerson still holds the record for the most rushing yards in a single season with 2,105 yards in 1984. He played for the L.A. Rams from 1983-87, during their original stint in Los Angeles.

The 56-year-old Rams legend and Fox radio personality is critical of the franchise during their first season back in Los Angeles. The Rams are 4-7 in their first season since relocating from St. Louis. L.A. seems headed for their sixth consecutive non-winning season under Fisher.

Five seasons of losing should be enough to not extend Fisher. At least that is what Dickerson told Demoff during this week’s meeting, according to Dickerson.


Nonetheless, Demoff recently defended Fisher’s job. He told NFL that it is unfair to judge Fisher by his record. Demoff said relocation gave Fisher a unique set of challenges.

The Rams VP said Fisher is a terrific leader of men, players, coaches, and staff. Demoff said Fisher deserves credit for that.

Hence, Dickerson could find himself not attending a lot of future Rams games. Fisher seems like he could remain the Rams coach for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, Demoff seems caught between a franchise legend and his current head coach.

Fisher is approaching Dan Reeves‘ all-time mark of 165 career losses. If that many losses and the words of a franchise legend will not get Fisher fired, what will?


In addition, Fisher talked about San Diego Chargers running back Danny Woodhead on a press call about his upcoming matchup with the New England Patriots. Woodhead has not played for the Patriots in three seasons.

The Rams later explained that Fisher meant Danny Amendola, even though he was asked specifically about the Patriots running backs. Hence, Fisher has had a weird week.

Sports Illustrated’s Jonathan Jones wrote that Fisher’s actions could point towards him already knowing he will be back as head coach next season. Fisher has yet to officially sign a contract extension after this season, but Jones said the team could be waiting for the right time to announce Fisher’s extension into 2017. The article said that Fisher’s actions illustrate that he could know his job is safe.

If Fisher returns as coach next season, how much more mediocrity can Los Angeles handle from their newest professional sports franchise?

Maybe, more fans should boycott going to games like Dickerson while Fisher is the coach?

Either way, the Fisher-Dickerson relationship should be an interesting subject to keep an eye on as the Rams season concludes.

Not to mention, Fisher’s job status is also an ongoing story because his contract expires after this season.

The L.A. Rams play the New England Patriots on Dec. 4 at 10 a.m. PST.

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