‘Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite’ Announced: Trailer Reveals Captain Marvel And Mysterious New Supervillain [Video]

The Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite trailer has arrived via the PSX 2016 event. Don’t worry though, true believers and world warriors, Xbox One isn’t being left out.

The trailer starts out with two mechanical feet entering the digital arena. These feet belong to none other than Capcom’s blue bomber Mega Man, showing that Keiji Inafune‘s departure doesn’t mean his character is gone. Another clue that Mega Man is still in Capcom’s hands is the appearance of his second ever video game on the NES Classic Edition’s roster of titles.

A new element to the franchise appears soon after we see the blue bomber’s face. The Infinity Stones, made infamous by Thanos’ quest in the Marvel cinematic universe, are being introduced into the Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite gameplay. Their role will be the use of what could be six different power-ups for active fighters. These stones combined with the Infinity Gauntlet represent what Thanos is attempting to achieve; ultimate power over existence.

This is also a clue that Disney’s influence will be heavily felt in the game, as it will have a definite Avengers feel to it this time.

The appearance of Iron Man readying for his battle with Mega Man is the second clue, as he fires a beam from his glove, knocking down the blue bomber. Ryu, a returning favorite in all of Capcom’s fighting games, responds by embracing the Infinity Stone and attacking Tony Stark.

As Iron Man flies from Ryu’s blows, we see a hand and a cape which end up belonging to Captain Marvel, an upcoming addition to the MCU.

The villain at the end appears to be Ultron from the second Avengers film, with the Sigma virus.

Rumors point to such a heavy focus on the MCU for Marvel’s side that the X-Men and Fantastic Four won’t be included on the roster. If this is true, fan favorites Wolverine, Deadpool, Cyclops, and Storm could be replaced with Defenders like Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Agents of SHIELD’s Quake and Ghost Rider.

If you still need the X-Men in your game, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is out today on PlayStation 4, according to Marvelous News, and it’ll cost you $25. More characters will be revealed in the future for MVCI, so the four we saw in the trailer will likely be the ones in the playable demo.

Alongside the characters, MVCI will offer a wide variety of single-player modes, a mistake Capcom had made with Street Fighter V by not offering them in the beginning. This means that gamers who haven’t played a fighting game in a while will have a chance to practice before taking on rivals, and those of us who refuse to subscribe to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold won’t be left with a game we can’t play.

Much like the last game in the franchise, Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite will have a full-on story mode, explaining each character’s role in this latest clash of heroes and villains. However, the fights now appear to have been scaled back to two-on-two battles instead of MVC3‘s three on three.

Being the first title of the series made for the current generation consoles and PC, we can expect a very robust roster enhanced with Unreal Engine 4. This is the same engine Warner Bros. Games used in their remaster collection, Batman: Return to Arkham, so the visual will likely pop even more than ever and possibly look spectacular in Ultra HD 4K resolution.

What did you think of the trailer?

[Featured Image by Capcom]