Frankenstorm Could Bring Wintry Conditions To The Northeast This Weekend

Frankenstorm, the pre-Halloween weather system that’s currently predicted to hit the East Coast this Sunday, could bring a bizarre mixture of high winds, heavy rain, and snow to the region. According to MSNBC, it could be a very strange Halloween for folks living in the northeast.

Is Frankenstorm a legitimate weather phenomenon? National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecaster Jim Cisco, the guy responsible for coining the term, explained that there’s really no other way to describe the monstrosity that’s currently taking shape.

“We don’t have many modern precedents for what the models are suggesting,” Cisco said, explaining that the mixture is a peculiar combination of a hurricane and a winter storm.

Rain, snow, high winds, and extreme tides are just a few of the elements people can expect to contend with when the storm begins this Sunday. The snow and hurricane hybrid is expected to peak with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday. Those folks living in the area who were hoping for a pleasant and peaceful Halloween should probably make alternative plans.

Jeff Masters, meteorology director for Weather Underground, told Fox News that the so-called Frankenstorm could be one for the history books. “It’s looking like a very serious storm that could be historic,” he explained. “Mother Nature is not saying, ‘Trick or treat.’ It’s just going to give tricks.”

The potentially hazardous mixture of heavy storms and snowy conditions is being crafted by a wintery mix from the west, cold air from the south, and the landfall of Hurricane Sandy. Not surprisingly, officials in the region are preparing for the worst possible scenario. In fact, President Obama was recently briefed of the potential disaster while on board Air Force One.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg explained the city is calmly bracing itself for the storm’s impact. “What we are doing is we are taking the kind of precautions you should expect us to do, and I don’t think anyone should panic,” he said, adding that the coastal storm plan has been activated as a precaution.

Are you preparing for this weekend’s Frankenstorm?