WWE Rumors: ‘TLC’ 2016 Results Spoilers For Match Winners Revealed By Betting Odds?

The latest WWE rumors are focused on looking at some potential WWE TLC 2016 results spoilers for the pay-per-view match winners. The upcoming event on Sunday will be held in Texas and is a SmackDown Live branded show. While there are several other events between this and WrestleMania 33, the outcomes at the TLC event could very well shape future title pictures heading towards Mania. So, are the big winners for the latest pay-per-view revealed through WWE TLC betting odds? There may be some potential results spoilers revealed ahead of Sunday’s big Tables, Ladders & Chairs event.

According to WWE Leaks, the latest TLC 2016 odds were released on Friday for many of the big matches, but are changing by the minute leading up to the event. There are several championships up for grabs Sunday including AJ Styles’ World Heavyweight Championship and Becky Lynch’s SmackDown Women’s Championship. Also, Heath Slater and Rhyno are scheduled to defend their tag team titles against the team of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. Dolph Ziggler will try to reclaim the Intercontinental title from The Miz. There are also a few other feud matches lined up in addition to these title bouts.


The way the betting odds work is those listed with a minus sign are for the favorite and those listed with a plus sign are the underdogs. As an example, a favorite to win a match with odds of -500 would require betting $500 just to win $100. In the case of a +500 underdog, if someone puts down $100 on them and they won the match, the bettor would win $500. Basically, the higher the price on a favorite, the more money it takes to win anything back if that wrestler or team wins.

In one of the singles’ feuds, Kalisto will take on Baron Corbin in a Chairs Match. The stipulation in this match is that the use of chairs is totally legal in the match. According to odds at 5Dimes sportsbook, Baron Corbin is a heavy -2000 favorite to win, while Kalisto is a +1000 underdog. The two have been feuding for several weeks, with each interfering in the other’s matches. At one point, Corbin cost Kalisto two different title matches. However, it appears that booking is going to continue to make Corbin look like a threat and maybe use him in something like an Elimination Chamber match if that is a SmackDown PPV.

Carmella puts hold on Nikki Bella in match
Will Carmella find a way to win against Nikki Bella at TLC 2016? [Image via WWE]

Another feud match involves Nikki Bella and Carmella settling their differences. The two women’s wrestlers will battle it out in a No Disqualification match where anything goes. Bella enters this match as a -650 favorite to win, while Carmella is a slight underdog at +420. The rumors heading into this matchup are that whoever attacked Nikki Bella before the Team SmackDown vs. Team Raw women’s match at Survivor Series will reveal themselves. That attacker may interfere in this match to help give Carmella the win so it’s one match to keep an eye on. However, Nikki tends to go over too, based on who she’s dating. Just ask Carmella.

As for title matches, all four championships from the blue brand are on the line Sunday. Based on the odds, it looks like two championships will stay in place and two may switch hands. In the Intercontinental Championship ladder match, The Miz is a favorite of -1050 to retain his title against Dolph Ziggler at +550. It won’t be surprising if once again, Maryse gets involved somehow. Maybe the Spirit Squad will also come into play.

The main event will feature Dean Ambrose challenging AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight title again. This time, the two will compete in a TLC match where tables, ladders, and chairs are all legal. Ambrose is a +1250 underdog, while Styles remains the favorite to leave as champion with odds of -2750, making him one of the strongest favorites on the card. It’s been rumored that Styles could still be champion at WrestleMania and defend it in a big match against John Cena. Other rumors have pointed towards Styles and Undertaker going one-on-one, so having AJ as a strong favorite at TLC makes sense.

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton challenge for tag titles
Wyatt and Orton may walk out of Sunday's event with gold around their waists. [Image via WWE]

Based on 5Dimes’ latest odds as of Friday, that the team of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton are big favorites to win the SmackDown tag team titles. The unlikely pairing is listed at a heavy -1700, while current champions Heath Slater and Rhyno have the underdog role at +800 to retain. It’s been rumored ever since Wyatt and Orton were booked to face American Alpha that these two would win that match and then go on to capture the titles, giving Bray his first ever championship at the main roster.

In the women’s match, challenger Alexa Bliss currently holds the role of favorite to win at odds of -185 as of this report. Becky Lynch is a +145 underdog in her tables match against Bliss. Lynch may be a strong underdog bet here based on what happened on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live. Fans will remember that the two women’s wrestlers had a contract signing which ultimately turned into a brawl. It ended with Bliss shoving Lynch off the corner, causing her to go crashing through a table. It might be expected that Lynch gets some revenge on Sunday unless the pesky “Blissed Off” women’s wrestler is destined to capture her first championship.


The TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs betting odds will probably change even more as the event gets closer. As mentioned, this pay-per-view probably won’t have many major surprises, as both SmackDown and Raw will probably save those for around the Royal Rumble and the ensuing pay-per-views. The Rumble arrives on January 29, while there will be the Elimination Chamber sometime in February and then Fastlane in March. It’s expected that most of the match card for WrestleMania 33 will be shaped probably within January and February, with WrestleMania set to arrive on April 2, 2017.

[Featured Image by WWE]