December 16, 2016
Hey Paparazzi, Stop Asking Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Intrusive 'Jelena' Questions

Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez last officially dated in late September 2014. Their most recent interaction was an ice-cold Instagram fight initiated by Gomez, so it's safe to say the pair won't be reuniting any time soon.

Among those who haven't got the memo that "Jelena" is completely over? The ex-couple's shippers (known as Jelenators), media outlets who keep shoving the former lovebirds in headlines for commercial reasons, and the paparazzi who use the deader-than-a dead-thing romance to try and provoke reaction from both superstars for more sellable video footage to media outlets and entertainment news networks.

A perfect example of the latter unfolded when paparazzi caught up with both Bieber and Gomez while they were out and about separately over the weekend.

Starting with the "Sorry" singer's daytime boxing session first. Paps caught up with him as he arrived at the Ten Goose Boxing gym in Van Nuys, California, for a training session on Saturday, fresh off wrapping the European leg of his "Purpose World Tour."

When the sporty-clad superstar strolled up to the gym entrance, the paps snapped crazily around him. One out-of-shot female shutterbug yelled a ridiculous question, asking, "Justin, are you in love with Selena?"

Just before going inside the gym, a visibly irked Biebs replied, "What kind of question is that?"

The Canadian quickly came back out again after the paps started snapping him through the gym windows. To his credit, the superstar calmly attempted to reason with the pack, explaining that they didn't have to yell and scream at him as neither he, nor they (the paparazzi), were "animals."

Bieber also asked the photogs if they could give him "space" when they follow him. He asked "do you have to be right in front of me?"

At that point, the same female pap interjected nonsensically, saying, "Justin, God bless you for working out. God bless you for loving God and I went to your show, it was great."

Justin went on to tell the paps that he wanted to "have a conversation" and talk "man to man."

Elaborating, the 22-year-old said he had no problem with the photographers taking snaps, his only issue was with how they do it.

"I don't care that you guys take photos. It's what you do," Justin told paps standing outside the gym.

He added, "It's just the way that it's done, and the intention of why you do it. Like... to get a rise out of me (sic)?"

When he left the gym, Bieber was again asked if he was in love with Selena while the hyper paps shouted at him. This resulted in the singer telling the shutterbugs that it felt like they'd disregarded his earlier talk with them.

While sitting in his SUV, the heartthrob calmly explained that he found the screaming "overwhelming" and asked if they could simply take photos of him without yelling.

In a good-natured way, Bieber added that he was "fu****g super normal," so they could feel free to treat him normally.

Hours later, paps door-stepped Selena as the brunette beauty left Catch restaurant in West Hollywood with a small group of girlfriends to a waiting car.

The same female pap that lobbed an intrusive "Jelena" to Bieber, also asked the actress-singer, "Selena, are you still in love with Justin?"

The Disney alum was also asked whether she thought mixed race couples made for better looking babies and about her ex's recent comments Instagram was "for the devil." Understandably, the starlet didn't reply to any of these probes.

Some talking points. Fame and success brings money, the ability to buy expensive things, live fabulously, and more.

But, while it's undeniable that being famous carries a ton of perks and privileges, the shadow side can turn a celebrity's life into a war zone, as seen in the life of a targeted superstar like Bieber and to a lesser extent with Gomez.

Consider what it must feel like dealing with a 24/7 paparazzi presence trailing your every move, tabloids and clickbait-chasing media outlets putting every part of your life on blast for the entertainment while you're still growing up, working out who you are, and stumbling through life like everyone else.

Then, there's the opportunists and hangers-on, entitled fans who think celebrities owe their lives to them, "haters," and stalkers who want to harm stars. Suddenly, fame doesn't look quite so shiny up close.

As for Bieber and Gomez, given that Selena has just left a rehab facility, reportedly for lupus-related mental health problems, and Justin has depression and anxiety, and reportedly ADHD, it's clearly unnecessary and unhelpful for either of them to have a relationship that hasn't been active for two years thrown in their faces every time they step outside.

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