Wendy Williams Slams Kim Kardashian & Kanye West As ‘Publicity Wh***s’ After Hospitalization, Claims They’re ‘Not Beyond’ Faking Meltdown [Video]

Wendy Williams is wasting no time in slamming Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West just days after West was released from the hospital after an eight-day stint for what BBC News described as being some time out to treat extreme “exhaustion.”

Williams, who’s certainly no stranger to a feud with the Kardashian family, seriously laid into the couple while discussing Kanye’s recent hospitalization on her daytime talk show The Wendy Williams Show, blasting the twosome as “publicity wh***s” in the wake of Kanye’s release after more than a week in the hospital.

BET reported that Wendy had a whole lot to say regarding Kardashian and West’s latest drama on her show, claiming that she believes West was hospitalized for something more than “exhaustion” as various outlets have reported.

“This is way more than sleep exhaustion,” West said of why she believes Kim’s husband of more than two years was hospitalized, “because we’ve all been sleep exhausted.”

Williams then went on to admit that she “believes” reports claiming that Kardashian had been staying firmly by Kanye’s side amid his hospitalization as rumors swirled that Kim had actually banned her family members from visiting her husband, but then claimed that if Kardashian had not been robbed in October that she feels the Kardashian clan would have outcast West.

“Kim reportedly is at his side nonstop — I do believe that, I do, I do, based on her robbery,” Wendy said of reports claiming that Kim rarely left her husband’s bedside during his eight-day hospital stint, before then alluding to Khloe Kardashian’s failed romance with former husband Lamar Odom.

“If she hadn’t been robbed, then maybe I would think something differently,” Williams admitted during her latest diss, “like the family is Lamar [Odom]-ing him.”

But Wendy Williams certainly wasn’t done there. Williams then took aim at Kanye and Kim once again, blasting Kardashian and West as “publicity wh***s” during the segment of her show she calls “Hot Topics,” before admitting that, although she believes Kanye was hospitalized for a serious medical condition, the Kardashian clan aren’t above faking drama.

Kim Kardashian & Wendy Williams
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“I don’t believe that [Kanye] did this to get the $30 million insurance policy that he had on his 21-city concert tour,” Wendy said, shortly after Digital Music News reported that West was being accused of faking his hospitalization as an “insurance scam.”

“I understand why a lot of people think that,” Wendy continued of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West amid the fraud accusations on The Wendy Williams Show, “because the family have set themselves up to be such money vipers and publicity wh***s that you would think that this family would not be beyond that.”

Wendy’s latest diss comes after years of drama between the talk show host and the couple, and just weeks after Williams even accused Kim of faking her October robbery in Paris, France, which saw her robbed at gunpoint of an estimate $10 million worth of jewelry.

Back in October, Williams threw in her two cents about Kardashian’s robbery on the daytime talk show, blasting Kim in with another serious diss by calling her “soulless” on The Wendy Williams Show just days after she was robbed.

“We all know this family and they’re kind of soulless, you know? So, you can’t believe everything that you hear,” Wendy said of Kardashian, seemingly suggesting that she believed Kim may have fabricated the details of her robbery before then calling the incident an “inside job.”

But while Kim and Kanye have not yet responded to Williams’ latest diss, that hasn’t always been the case for the family when it comes to Wendy.

After Williams questioned the authenticity of Kim and Kanye’s marriage, even refusing to call Kardashian by her married name of Kim Kardashian West, the rapper was allegedly ready to hit back at Wendy in a seriously scathing diss rap.

Daily Mail claimed in February that Kanye wrote a diss track about Williams in which he allegedly claimed that Wendy was born a man and had a sex change, but alleged that Kim urged her husband not to release the alleged track over fears that the couple would receive serious backlash over the rapper’s unfounded claims about Wendy.

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