‘Vikings’ Season 4 Episode 11: Ragnar Returns To Kattegat, Bjorn Ironside’s Leadership And Ivar’s Strength

History’s Vikings returns from the midseason break with “The Outsider,” which has many heart-warming moments that sets the pace for some new and old Viking conquests.

In Vikings Season 4, Episode 11, Ragnar returns to Kattegat from his self-imposed exile and not everyone is happy to have him back. The disgraced king abandoned his family after a humiliating defeat in Paris and his oldest son Bjorn Ironside has assumed the leadership role and is warned by the Seer that Ragnar’s return is going to bring calamity and death.


Ragnar tells his family that he has plans on finishing what he started in Wessex. Despite the resentment held against him for the failed colony in Wessex and the defeat in France, Ragnar is still an infamous Viking and there are many who have heard of his great conquest, including Lagertha’s new love interest (more on that later).

Ragnar is a charismatic individual and many in Kattegat long for his affection. One of the more heart-warming moments was between old friends Floki and Ragnar. Their friendship was almost ruined over religion but Helga tells Ragnar that her husband kept the failure of the Wessex colony to himself out of love for Ragnar.


In what may be the last time they see each other, Ragnar tells Floki he loves him and the gifted shipbuilder becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

While Bjorn has earned the respect of many in Ragnar’s absence, the legendary Viking still attracts followers. His youngest son Ivar the Boneless did not need much convincing when asked to accompany his father to Wessex. The young Viking also proved that he is an efficient killer despite his disability. He also has a very dark side like his father and although their bond is natural in his absence, he is yet to see Ivar’s sociopathic tendencies. If you recall he killed a boy over a game and Aslaug made sure he was raised Viking.


Despite his inability to satisfy a woman, which may be due to anxiety or his disability, he is clearly the alpha male among his brothers. His dominance in displayed several times during Vikings Season 4, Episode 11, and he is willing to protect that respect by silencing the slave girl who he couldn’t please sexually. She convinces him that the burden of leaving up to his father’s name is more challenging than being able to have sex and Ivar breaks down in tears. While the slave girl Margrethe was attempting to preserve her life, she proves she can manipulate men with both her body and her mind.

Ragnar attempts to commit suicide but the gods are not done with him yet. Although he couldn’t have expected a welcoming party, it seems like Ragnar’s inability to rally everyone to his side got to him.

Lagertha and Ragnar also had a heart-warming moment that fans were expecting. The older and wiser Viking admits to his failures and reminisces about their loving relationship on their farm before he became king. However, Lagertha absolves him of all the guilt by saying, “We all approved of your ideas, but they didn’t work.”


Ragnar asks for her forgiveness and they share a kiss. The reminder of their love makes Lagertha unsure about whether she will follow him one last time to Wessex. Lagertha’s lover Astrid seems fascinated with Ragnar and most can’t imagine that she will object, if she wanted to follow him.

As Bjorn sets his sights on the Mediterranean, will the Seers warning change his mind? How will Magnus react to Ragnar, the father he never knew? And what has become of Rollo after his glorious victory in France.

Vikings Season 4, Episode 11 is a great setup for many exciting things to come in the next nine episodes.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Hession/A&E Networks]