Jacob Nolan Beat Dr. Michael Weiss In Swanky New York Sledgehammer Attack, Then Took Bloody Selfie On ’48 Hours’

Jacob Nolan, the “rich kid” who severely beat Dr. Michael Weiss in Manhattan six years ago, is telling his side of the story on tonight’s CBS 48 Hours. New Yorkers will remember the heinous attack that occurred when Jacob Nolan walked into the home office of his cousin’s ex-boyfriend and tried to kill him with a sledgehammer and a knife. Then, he snapped bloody selfies of himself after the brutal assault. Allegedly, he did it for his cousin, Pamela Buchbinder, a well-known psychiatrist, according to the 48 Hours’ episode “The Psychiatrist and the Selfie.”


On CBS 48 Hours: “The Psychiatrist and the Selfie”

Dr. Michael Weiss was in his Manhattan home office located on the 12th floor of the Park Towers South on W. 57th Street, where he was badly beaten and stabbed. When New York City police detectives arrived, they found Michael Weiss still clinging to life.

An in an eerie-scene like out of a crime novel, they found the man who did it, Jacob Nolan, outside in the hallway calmly snapping selfie photos of himself while still dressed in his blood-drenched clothing.

Detectives learned that Jacob Nolan had come to the high rise to speak with Dr. Michael Weiss about his problems with Nolan’s cousin, Pamela Buchbinder.

Dr. Michael Weiss and Pamela Buchbinder’s relationship had ended, and the two were involved in a bitter custody battle over the former couple’s young son. According to Jacob Nolan, Pamela was upset that Dr. Michael Weiss was trying to get custody of her boy. She talked about the problems so much that Jacob Nolan developed an deep hatred for Dr. Weiss. Nolan describes it this way, according to the Daily Mail.

“They hated each other and in turn she made me hate him. I was willing to die for this woman. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I think I was really nervous. I think I wanted to back out. But I didn’t have the means to do it ’cause I couldn’t go back to Pamela without this done. Pamela took someone who she knew was severely mentally ill and she morphed me into whatever she wanted me to be and I obeyed just like a puppet.”

NYPD investigators say Jacob Nolan walked into Weiss’s home and office and had a conversation with him. Later, at some point during the conversation, Nolan got permission to use the restroom, and then, like a crazed maniac out of a horror movie, Jake Nolan emerged with a giant sledgehammer and a knife. Taking Dr. Weiss completely by surprise, the wide-eyed man began viciously attacking him.

Dr. Weiss survived the attack and got full custody of his son. Jacob Nolan was arrested and convicted of attempted murder. He said his cousin Pamela Buchbinder made him do it.


At trial, Jacob Nolan’s defense attorney said that he was manipulated by Pamela Buchbinder because she wanted custody of her son and to collect on the life insurance policy, which totaled over $1 million, according to the New York Post.

On tonight’s 48 Hours show, Jacob Nolan will admit that he intended to kill Michael Weiss and knows that it was wrong. However, he says he was fueled by his cousin’s hatred of Michael Weiss.

  • In 2013, Michael Weiss sued Jacob Nolan and Pamela Buchbinder for the attack, which he believed was planned.
  • A family court judge barred Pamela Buchbinder from visitation with her son, according to the New York Post.
  • Jacob Nolan allegedly has a history of mental problems, including bipolar disorder and some personality issues.
  • Before the attack, Jacob Nolan, walked the streets of Manhattan with a duffel bag full of zip ties, a steak knife, and the sledgehammer used in the beating.
  • Pamela Buchbinder has not been charged in the crime.

Jacob Nolan was sentenced to 10 years in prison. His story will air on 48 Hours tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on CBS. Last week’s 48 Hours had to do with the dramatic recovery of Sebastien Bellin.

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