‘Vanderpump Rules’ News: Mike Shay’s Friends Scared For Him Amid Divorce News

The news is out that Mike and Scheana Marie Shay are calling it quits on their marriage, but it turns out that fans are expressing concern for Mike during this time. Radar Online shared the details about what Mike’s friends are saying during this hard time in his life. Mike has admitted to issues with drug abuse in the past, and nobody wants him to fall back into this now.

A source close to Mike Shay is speaking out to Radar Online, but of course, they don’t want anyone to know who it is talking. Here is what they had to say about being worried.

“I actually texted him last night and I haven’t heard from him. I don’t know for him if this is the biggest blessing in the world or if he’s gonna wake up one day and realize, ‘wow. I’m not married anymore.’ He’s known Scheana since high school. I don’t think they dated in high school but they were very close, and that’s a long story. They’ve been together for like 12, 13 years. … They were a perfect match.”

The source didn’t stop there and went on to explain that he is worried for Mike Shay’s safety during this hard time. The source went on to explain that Shay chose to party a lot because he didn’t want the life that came along with the show Vanderpump Rules and living in L.A. The source says Shay wanted to do music and didn’t like having the cameras around. Another source said that Scheana Marie Shay is making a “fortune” from the show. Mike’s lifestyle is obviously going to change with her income going away.


One insider says that they saw Mike Shay and that he is still sober. The source said, “I’ve seen him several times and he looked fantastic. His eyes were clear. I never saw him take a drink. I’ve been with Shay for years when his were pinned, and he was high as a kite. He looked perfect.” So far, things are sounding good for Mike Shay, but everyone is going to have to wait and see how things turn out.

Radar Online shared that another one of Mike Shay’s friends is now speaking out against Scheana Marie. Mike’s band mate Nicole Arbour is not a fan of his ex. She says that Scheana Marie knew exactly where Mike was when she was saying he was missing. Nicole says that Mike was off performing shows and his wife knew right where he was during that time. Nicole went on to say that Scheana Marie allegedly made up that Mike was drinking and doing drugs again and that it isn’t true at all, but was just for a storyline. She revealed this was what sparked their split and then went on to say more.

“She made up those things up to try and have an interesting storyline to get a lot of attention around the Vanderpump Rules premiere. And throwing your husband under the bus while he’s completely clean and sober and happy and working on something he’s completely proud of is disgusting.”

At this time, Mike Shay hasn’t said anything about his plans for the future. Vanderpump Rules has already been filming for months, so viewers will see Mike on this season of the show. It would be surprising if Mike stays on the show in the future.


Are you shocked to hear that Mike Shay’s friends are worried about him? Do you think that Scheana Marie and Mike have any chance of working their relationship out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules when they air on Monday nights on Bravo.

[Featured Image By Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for OK! Magazine]