Stephanie Davis Baby Bump: ‘Hollyoaks’ Actress Goes Nude For Racy Photoshoot Just Weeks Before Giving Birth

Stephanie Davis is making waves with a nude photoshoot that shows off her growing baby bump, one just a few weeks before the arrival of her first baby.

The 23-year-old British actress is due in a matter of weeks, but still found time to share some racy pictures for her upcoming autobiography, the Daily Mail noted.

“Proudly showcasing her eight-month bump, the actress posed in nothing but a pair of leggings for the raunchy shoot,” the report noted. “Wearing her brunette locks loose around her face, she covered her bare chest as she posed expertly for the camera.”

And fans of the former Hollyoaks star may be seeing a lot more. Davis recently revealed that she plans to film her birth.

“I’m definitely going to take it all on board and make the most of it,” she said (via her Ok blog), though she didn’t say if she planned on sharing the video. “I’m even thinking about filming it as it would be nice to have a personal memory to watch back when I want.”

Davis also shared with fans her pregnancy progress, saying that everything is moving along just as planned.

“I had my latest growth scan in preparation and I can officially confirm by baby is all ready to go! On the growth chart he’s already above the average line and we’ve still got weeks to go – he’s going to be one healthy boy!,” she wrote.

“I just can’t wait to meet him now. They’ve booked me in for another appointment before Christmas to keep a close eye on us both. I had my latest growth scan in preparation and I can officially confirm by baby is all ready to go!”


But that wasn’t always the case, and the pregnancy has not all been easy for Stephanie Davis. The actress recently opened up about a hospital stay where she feared she may lose her baby. Davis said she was in terrible pain, and doctors ended up keeping her in the hospital for six days with dizziness, rectal bleeding, and vomiting, the Daily Record noted.

Davis later shared that she woke up in the middle of the night in “excruciating pain,” and was seeing dots and passing blood.

“I didn’t know if I was going to lose the baby or if he was okay,” she told OK! magazine (via the Daily Record). “The hospital put me on a painkiller drip and the bleeding eventually stopped, but I had to stay in hospital for six days because my blood pressure was low, so they wanted to keep an eye on the baby.”

Davis added that after being released, she was trying to remain low-key and away from stress. She added that things were a lot easier once she found out her unborn son was doing okay.

But the visit also stirred up some drama when Davis revealed that Jeremy McConnell, the baby’s father, never contacted her during the hospital stay.

The Hollyoaks star’s ex-boyfriend had previously claimed that the baby was not his, and the two got into a spat online in October. And this week, Stephanie Davis revealed that she didn’t want the baby’s father to be there for the birth.

“He doesn’t deserve to be there. I don’t think he wants to be there either,” she told OK! magazine (via The Sun). “A baby doesn’t fix a toxic relationship, but if he hadn’t lied and cheated, it wouldn’t have been toxic. He also shouldn’t have decided he wanted a child.”

More pictures of Stephanie Davis in her racy baby bump photoshoot can be seen here.

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