Jack Scalia Arrested For Boarding Plane With Gun

Actor Jack Scalia was arrested at LAX Thursday afternoon for attempting to board a plane with a gun, according to TMZ. However, the website notes that the firearm was not loaded at the time.

Scalia, who is best known for his work on the 80s television drama Dallas, was stopped at the security checkpoint at Terminal 7 after a 9mm pistol was found inside his carry-on bags. Since carrying this sort of weaponry on an airplane is frowned upon, the actor was taken into custody.

Contact Music reports that LAX police also discovered that Jack Scalia was also in possession of a fake police badge. The two-punch combo, the novelty badge and attempting to board an airplane with a handgun, didn’t settle too well with authorities.

According to WENN, the actor is still in custody. Presently, it’s unclear if any charges have been filed.

Jack Scalia quickly made a name for himself in the 80s as a go-to television actor. After appearing in several episodes of The Devil Connection, Berrenger’s, and Hollywood Beat, Scalia landed a role in the popular drama Dallas. Other TV credits include Remington Steele, Wolf, and the short-lived Tequila and Bonetti.

During the 90s, Scalia could be found in a wide variety of straight-to-video title, ranging from trashy erotic thrillers to low-budget action flicks. More recently, the actor appeared in director and co-writer Sonia Nassery Cole’s family drama The Black Tulip. The film tells the story of a family in Afghanistan who is targeted by the Taliban.

In 2012, Jack Scalia appeared in the cheesy low-budget creature feature Jersey Shore Shark Attack, a film which lampoons the MTV’s hit reality television series The Jersey Shore. After debuting on the SyFy channel over the summer, the film soon found its way onto DVD and Blu-ray.

Are you surprised that Jack Scalia was arrested for attempting to bring a gun on an airplane?