Tyler Baltierra On ‘Reunited’: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Explains Why He’s Helping People On TV

Tyler Baltierra and his wife, Catelynn Lowell, have been very vocal about their decision to not go back to school. It’s no secret that the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 stars are making thousands of dollars each year, which explains why these stars can afford to pay for their families, purchase large cars, and buy homes. And while some people have criticized Tyler and Catelynn’s decision to skip out on college and be stay-at-home parents to their daughter, it sounds like they have been working with MTV to do a new show about adoption. And they are the most suitable people for this project because they are the only Teen Mom couple to explore adoption.

According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is now revealing why he chose to do another MTV show. Of course, some people feel that these stars will regret not getting an education one day, as MTV won’t be paying their bills forever. But for Tyler and Catelynn, this new show is about much more than money and getting a paycheck. It’s really about helping people meet their biological family members.

“This is why the Reunited project is so important. Everyone deserves to meet their biological family!” Tyler Baltierra revealed on Twitter in regard to why he is filming this new show with Catelynn and MTV.

However, some people are questioning why they chose to help out in front of the cameras rather than just help out people on their own time.

“No hate but why do this on/for tv? So many more people would benefit w/out confines of scheduling et al,” one person questioned, hinting that Tyler and Catelynn could possibly help more people if they didn’t do it via MTV, to which Tyler Baltierra replied, “To inspire others to seek out the missing people in their lives. Whether it be for healing, answers or just an overdue introduction.”

Tyler Baltierra also told people to apply to the show if they needed their help to meet some biological family members, and it sounds like he’s open to dealing with various kinds of cases, not just adoption cases.

“Is the main concept of the show onlyfor adoption? My husband has a GPA he wants 2 find?” one person wrote to Tyler, to which he replied, “No! It deals with every type of estrangement.”

Therapy has been a huge part of Tyler Baltierra’s journey, as Catelynn has sought professional help to deal with her emotions after giving up her daughter for adoption. And since they relied so much on professional help, people are wondering if Tyler and Catelynn will be offering therapy for the people they are helping. And Catelynn really saw the need, and she revealed that therapists were on set for people who needed it.

“People keep asking if when we did Reunited and helped Kati if we have therapists on sight etc. yes we did! And Kati and hazel used them!” Catelynn Baltierra revealed about having therapists to help people who were dealing with more pain and grief after meeting with biological family members.

Even though Tyler and his wife have received some negative feedback for filming yet another show and not dealing with their issues on Teen Mom, Tyler’s wife revealed that their work is powerful and is helping. Baltierra’s decision to share her journey on the show may have saved a life, as one person told her that her therapy sessions may just have prevented a suicide.

“For all you haters! THIS IS WHY I am so open!!! Thank you Mary because this world would be way darker without you in it!!” Catelynn tweeted to the haters, sharing that she is changing the world.

What do you think of Tyler Baltierra’s tweets about helping people in need?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]