Porsha Williams Not Happy With ‘RHOA’ Co-Stars: Lashing Out In Confessional Interview?

Porsha Williams might be a great support system for Phaedra Parks these days, as she’s learning how to be a single mother and deal with the fact that her ex-husband recently got engaged while serving time behind bars. Porsha wants her friend to get back on the dating market, and she isn’t holding back when it comes to how she really feels about her friend’s marriage and divorce. But it sounds like she isn’t too happy about what her other Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars have to say about her in their confessional interviews.

According to a new tweet, Porsha Williams revealed that she isn’t holding back when it comes to her confessionals. Williams revealed that she’s still filming the show these days, but she doesn’t have nice things to say about her co-stars because she’s now learning what her co-stars are saying about her.

“I was on 1 today, if I must say so! *Went in #RHOA confessional.. It’s what happens when you finally see what they say in theirs lol,” Porsha Williams revealed on Twitter yesterday, sharing that she isn’t holding herself back in regard to her opinion.

While she’s friends with Phaedra, one can imagine that Porsha Williams isn’t referring to her co-star and friend. But Williams will argue with Kandi Burruss later this season, as rumors will surface about their supposed hookup. Porsha Williams and Kandi supposedly hooked up after a night out, and Williams has tried to convince people that Kandi’s husband also wanted in on the action. While they agreed that they would not talk about the hookup on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it sounds like the rumors were proven true on recently leaked text messages.

But it sounds like Porsha’s fans were not surprised that she was learning about her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars’ comments about her. And they encouraged her to just speak her mind, move on, and focus on her business ventures.

“‘ALL’ the ladies have a volatile temperament. They talk ish about you to deflect from their own issues,” one person replied to Porsha Williams, while others wrote, “Most of the people are hating on you. But that’s when you know you slaying when you have HATERS,” and “Are you gonna worry about these hoes again this season? Or you gon have an adventure and do something amazing with your fame.”

It’s also possible that Porsha Williams’ comments could have something to do with Kenya Moore. Thus far, Kenya has caused issues with Sheree Whitfield over their homes, and it sounds as if Moore would get aggressive with Porsha if she started sharing her feelings. Plus, Moore doesn’t like Williams because of her violent outbursts last year. She’s not giving Williams a chance, even though she has gotten help with her anger.

“I pretty much expected her to react that way. It takes a humble, caring person with a lot of confidence to be able to let the past go and move forward, and those are qualities I think she lacks. This beef has been dragged out for so long that I’m completely over it. I came baring a beautiful arrangement and ready to let the past be the past, but I was met with bitterness. I honestly don’t think twice about a relationship with people who don’t reciprocate respect. I will continue to support those who support me,” Porsha Williams explains in her Bravo blog about Kenya Moore’s antics on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

What do you think of Porsha Williams’ comment about letting her feelings be known about her co-stars in her confessional interview?

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