Farrah Abraham’s Boyfriend Simon Saran Running Pyramid Scheme?

Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend, Simon Saran, will confront both Amber Portwood and Dr. Drew on next week’s reunion special for Teen Mom OG. The previews show a violent confrontation, and fans are excited to see what caused Amber to flip out. The previews from MTV hint that Simon and Farrah had called Matt Baier a pedophile, and they continue to slam the Teen Mom couple on the reunion stage. But it sounds like they didn’t work out their feelings, as Amber and Saran got into a heated Twitter feud after the reunion, where Portwood accused Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend of running a pyramid scheme.

According to a new Starcasm report, Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend is going a little too low when it comes to protecting his business. Of course, on the show it’s often Abraham’s business ventures that are in focus, so fans don’t know much about Saran’s business. But it sounds like Farrah’s boyfriend is actually a house flipper as well. And while one could imagine that they could help one another, it sounds like these two won’t be getting along — ever.

According to Starcasm, Saran explains how Farrah Abraham was actually the victim during the reunion special, as Portwood tried to throw a punch at Abraham. He explains that if she had managed to hit her Teen Mom co-star, he would have made sure that she would be in jail right now. And maybe these are the kinds of comments that resulted in the Twitter feud that took place recently between Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend and her co-star, Portwood. The discussion was captured by Starcasm.

“Let me expose you and your triangle scheme company?! How much is actually your money not other investors???” Amber wrote to Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend, Simon, on Twitter in a feud that started after the Teen Mom reunion was filmed.

According to Starcasm, Simon replied, “Sweetheart you should run title on all of my properties and know that they are paid in full in cash.”

When Simon denied doing anything wrong, Amber called him a liar, hinting that he was hiding cash somewhere else, to which Saran wrote back, “you were the one getting seller carry back on your homes. Lol.”

But these two couldn’t keep the discussion about business. When she asked Abraham’s boyfriend if he was drunk again, he fought back, asking if she was back on pills. Of course, it was her pill addiction that resulted in jail time and her strained relationship with her daughter Leah.

“Are you drunk again Simon?” Amber asked him, to which Farrah’s boyfriend replied, “no but it seems like you are back on the painkiller,” and adding later, “I wish you all the best. And I heard about how Matt Beat you. I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Your such a lie.. don’t be mad because I called you out on your “business”…me getting beat? Lol ignorance,” Amber replied back to the beating accusations, but Simon kept fighting back against the Teen Mom OG star, writing, “lol I’ve been flipping homes since you’ve been flipping around on mattresses on 16 and pregnant.”

After Portwood blocked Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend, he decided to clarify what pyramid scheme she was referring to. But rather than talk about his business, he decided to bring up another painful thing about Matt Baier.

“My triangle pyramid scheme as amber calls it consist of me hitting on two teen moms and then settling for the slow dumb one at the bottom,” Simon replied to some Twitter followers who were getting involved in the conversation, hinting that Matt Baier had done a triangle scheme in hitting up the Teen Mom stars, starting with Farrah, continuing with Jenelle Evans and then settling with Amber.

“Lol she unblocked me to talk all this sh!t and then runs. Keep your ass out of the kitchen! I know it’s hard,” Farrah’s boyfriend continued, adding, “In the real world, you do not get 20-30k an episode. You actually have to work to put food on the table. Still feel sorry? lol depression?”

It doesn’t sound like these two will get along. Do you think Farrah Abraham agrees with everything her boyfriend tweeted to her co-star?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]