‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 9: Barry Allen Recruits Help In Action-Packed Midseason Finale

Barry Allen really blew it with Flashpoint and he has alienated his friends because of his actions. In The Flash Season 3 Episode 9, Barry is going to clash with Savitar, the “God of Speed” and his minion Alchemy, which was recently revealed to be Julian. It appears Julian, played by Tom Felton, is an unwilling participant and is afraid of Savitar.

In the promo for The Flash Season 3; “The Present,” Savitar brags that he knows all of Barry’s strengths and weaknesses. He recruits help from Jay Garrick who confirms that he can see Savitar (so far only speedsters can see him).

Episode 9 is the midseason finale and according to the showrunner Andrew Kriesberg, new issues will arise and Barry, Cisco, and the rest of the team will have no choice but to move past Flashpoint. In an interview with TVLine, Kriesberg said the following regarding Flashpoint and it’s consequences:

“The midseason finale (airing Dec. 6) kind of creates a new problem for our heroes that they weren’t anticipating, something that they’ve never faced before. It’s so big, we’re actually considering changing the saga sell from talking about Flashpoint to talking about that because that’s really what’s driving the episodes for the rest of the season.”

So far, it seems like Savitar is much faster than Barry. In Episode 7 “Killer Frost” the self-styled “God of Speed” put Mr. Allen in his place by dragging him all over the city with his speed force only to be saved by Caitlyn.

It is unclear at this point if recruiting Jay Garrick would be enough to stop Savitar. What we do know it that something is going to catch Barry and his team off-guard and it’s going to be big. In the last episode, Wally West asks H.R to help train him to become a better speedster. His talent seems to be helping others discover theirs and Wally has shown great potential. In the comics, Kid Flash has some abilities that are different from Barry and we may see this next week.

The official synopsis via Comic Book is as follows:

“With Alchemy and Savitar still looming threats, Barry (Grant Gustin) is unable to focus on the Christmas holiday, and especially his relationship with Iris (Candice Patton). Determined to stop Savitar, Barry goes to Earth-3 to get advice from Jay Garrick (guest star John Wesley Shipp). Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) wants to help Barry fight Savitar and reveals that he’s been training with H.R. (Tom Cavanagh), which doesn’t go over well with Barry. As Cisco (Carlos Valdes) faces his first Christmas without his brother Dante (guest star Nicholas Gonzalez), old wounds are reopened.”

Considering Wally’s last performance, it comes as no surprise that he doesn’t want him tagging along. Since Wally got his speed force from Alchemy, he may be vulnerable to mind-control and may face grave consequences for tagging along, so maybe he should listen to Barry.

Cisco facing his first Christmas without his brother certainly won’t help his tense relationship with Barry. Although we know that they move past Flashpoint in The Flash Season 3 Episode 9, we will have to wait until next week to find out how they resolve it.

The Flash got record rating due to last week’s epic crossover with Supergirl and Arrow where Barry recruited Team Arrow, Thea, the Legends, and Kara, Supergirl of Earth-38 to battle aliens known as the “Dominators” who had appeared in the 1950’s. To see the continuation, you should tune into all the DC week shows to see what happened.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 9 has all the makings of an epic midseason clash.

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