WWE News: ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy Open To WWE Return For Hardy Boyz, Says Vince McMahon Loves His Gimmick

Yesterday, we reported on “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy shedding light on various topics, including his chances of coming back to the WWE. But his older brother, “Broken” Matt Hardy, was also talking about the chances of a WWE return for The Hardy Boyz/Broken Hardys on legendary announcer Jim Ross’ podcast, staying in character for the whole interview and waxing eloquent on other things in and out of the world of professional wrestling.

The Inquisitr wrote yesterday about Jeff Hardy’s interview with Sports Illustrated and how he said a WWE return might not be out of the question, even if he and Matt are both happy where they are at TNA Wrestling. Though both brothers had first made their name in the WWE and reigned as top draws in both “Attitude” and “Ruthless Aggression” eras, they have spent most of the 2010s employed by TNA, and continue wrestling at a high level, even with “Broken” Matt Hardy now 42-years-old and “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy three years younger.

The brothers are also involved in what is arguably TNA’s hottest storyline of 2016, with the “Broken” Matt character, in particular, standing out as one of the company’s most entertaining performers. With his peculiar accent and quaint terminologies, as well as his “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” catchphrase, Matt is on a roll these days in TNA. But given his age and his success in Dixie Carter’s wrestling promotion, is it too late to rule out a “Broken” Matt Hardy return to WWE, and to the wrestling mainstay (WWE Chairman Vince McMahon) he refers to in character as “Meek Mahan?”


Speaking on The Ross Report this week, Matt expressed optimism regarding the current state of TNA and its new ownership under Anthem Sports & Entertainment, but he also mentioned the possibility that he might consider signing with WWE once his current deal with TNA is up. He even took a brief moment to throw some shade at President-elect Donald Trump early in his interview.

“Then, after this, I must go on to do other things. Maybe I have to go on and save Meek Mahan’s show. Maybe I have to save the entire wrestling industry. Maybe I have to save the world. The United States is a broken country with Donald Trump as president-elect.”

Later on in the interview, Jim Ross asked “Broken” Matt Hardy if he and his brother would ever team up in WWE as The Hardy Boyz once again. He suggested that Vince McMahon recognizes the “broken brilliance” of his character, and how it is the “hottest thing” in wrestling, and that Vince might want him on “his show” if the opportunity came up. Matt also hinted that he and Jeff might need a pay increase for TNA to retain their services.


And while he was, as mentioned above, fully in character, “Broken” Matt Hardy also warned that it would have to be a good-paying, honest deal in the WWE if McMahon is, indeed, interested in The Hardy Boyz returning to the company.

“If (TNA does) not meet my demands, then I guess that is a possibility. But I would only go to that Meek Mahan if he knew what the deal was. If he tried to double-cross me in any way, shape, or form, then I would render his a– obsolete, I would eat him, then I would delete him!”

Even with the in-character threats to “delete” Vince McMahon and TNA Chairwoman Dixie Carter if he doesn’t get a fair deal, Hardy was more-or-less serious when he put over TNA and its new ownership, hinting at better things to come in 2017.

“Now with the Anthem people coming in, I think it is going to change things and it’s going to be run in a very different way and I think it’s going to be a very good and a very productive 2017.”

All in all, it was a very entertaining, if off-beat interview, and just like Jeff told Sports Illustrated, both “Brother Nero” and “Broken” Matt Hardy appear to be content with their current run in TNA. Still, WWE fans can’t help but wonder at what may happen if The Hardy Boyz, or The Broken Hardys as they now call themselves, choose to return to WWE under their current personas and enjoy what might be one last run with the company.

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