Pennsylvania 14-Year-Old Jacob Remaley Charged With Killing Mother, Younger Brother In Their Sleep [Video]

In the early morning hours of November 30, Pennsylvania 14-year-old Jacob Remaley allegedly shattered his family and shocked his New Stanton community when he did the unthinkable. According to police, the 14-year-old woke up early and grabbed a gun from the kitchen, loaded the weapon, and proceeded to shoot his 46-year-old mother, Dana, point-blank in the head as she slept.


Then, Jacob Remaley allegedly did the same to his 8-year-old brother, Caleb.

As BuzzFeed reports, Pennsylvania 14-year-old Jacob Remaley allegedly followed up the murders with a 911 call. According to police, the teen told the dispatcher that his dad had “left a gun in his bed.” Investigators believe Jacob was attempting to set his father up for the double murders he’d allegedly just committed.

The first responders to the scene were EMTs who allegedly saw Jacob Remaley and gave him a blanket; they reportedly backed away from the family’s home and set up some distance away after the Pennsylvania 14-year-old went back into the house and grabbed a gun. Jacob reportedly began walking down the street with the weapon. That’s when a concerned neighbor intervened, and the tense situation ended with the 14-year-old putting down the gun.

When law enforcement got to the home, they say that Jacob Remaley was “in some sort of shock.” When troopers entered the home, they discovered the dead bodies of the 14-year-old’s mother and small brother. It didn’t take officers long to contact Jacob Remaley’s father, who had been working at the time of the murders and was almost immediately cleared as a potential suspect in the brutal, senseless killings.


At a Thursday press conference, Pennsylvania State Police announced that 14-year-old Jacob Remaley has been charged as an adult in connection with the double murders. The teen is facing two counts of capital homicide and two counts of first-degree murder.

As KETV 7 reports, 14-year-old Jacob Remaley has allegedly confessed to shooting his mother and younger brother to death while they slept, according to Pennsylvania authorities. What’s more, according to New Stanton police, Jacob told them that his crime would have been a triple murder if his father hadn’t already left the family home to go to work.

“He woke up that morning, went to an area in the kitchen, recovered a firearm — that firearm wasn’t loaded at the time. He got a magazine, loaded that firearm, walked into his mother’s room, and — from a very short distance — fired one round into her forehead, subsequently killing her, and then walked into his brother’s room and repeated the same act.”


According to law enforcement, they don’t have an official motive for the unthinkable crimes, but they think that Jacob and his parents simply hadn’t been getting along. When it comes to his little brother, authorities are at a bit of a loss as to why Jacob Remaley chose to kill the 8-year-old third grader, says Pennsylvania State Trooper Stephen Limani.

“It’s very difficult to answer why he would shoot his brother. There was a tumultuous relationship with the parents, but there was nothing between him and his brother.”

Dana Remaley, Jacob’s mother, was employed as a personal care assistant at West Hempfield Middle School, while 8-year-old Caleb was a third-grade student at Stanwood Elementary. The local community is reportedly in shock, with neighbors coming forward with positive comments about the Remaleys, and 14-year-old Jacob in particular.

“If you could pick a friend for your kid, it would be Jacob.”


Those close to the family simply can’t understand what could have driven the 14-year-old to commit the crime he allegedly admitted to carrying out.

Heavy reports that Jacob Remaley has been described by his grandmother as being “extremely devout,” adding that the teen was apparently upset with his mother because she refused to attend Catholic services with him. It is unknown if that religious divide may have contributed to Wednesday’s double murders.

Pennsylvania 14-year-old Jacob Remaley is currently being held without bail and is reportedly undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. It is unknown whether or not the teen is currently being represented by an attorney.

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