Does General David Petraeus Have A Sex Tape? Donald Trump’s Potential Pick For Secretary Of State Could Have Explicit Video Floating Around, Police Report Reveals

General David Petraeus could soon have a new major scandal on the way — a sex tape that was created by the same person who caught wrestling legend Hulk Hogan on video in a compromising scene.

Donald Trump’s potential pick for Secretary of State has already seen his career crumble under one major sex scandal, his November 2012 ousting as Director of Central Intelligence after it was revealed that he shared classified information with his biographer and mistress, Paula Broadwell.

As the political blog Death and Taxes noted, that initial scandal may have revealed that General David Petraeus actually has a separate sex tape that has yet to emerge. As the report noted, the tape may have come to light after Hulk Hogan alerted police about a potential scheme to extort the wrestling legend over his own secretly filmed sex tape.

Hogan and his lawyer, David Houston, met with FBI agents about what they saw as an extortion attempt from another lawyer, a man named Keith Davidson. The Los Angeles lawyer claimed he represented a client who had three different videos — which also included the now-infamous video of Hogan making racist comments — and offered to sell them back to Hogan, the report noted.

The FBI arranged for Hogan and Houston to meet with Davidson and record the encounter. As Death and Taxes reported, the topic somehow turned to David Petraeus and a potential sex tape of him floating around.

“According to a Tampa PD police report written by an officer who listened to the recording of the sting, Hogan, Houston and Davidson got to talking about the potential celebrity sex tape collection of shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem, who shot the videos, which featured his then-wife Heather. That’s when Davidson dropped a bomb: He had heard a rumor that General Petraeus had met Heather Clem (the woman with Hogan in the videos) and Bubba Clem (her then-husband who shot the videos) at a swingers’ party and there was video of the resulting encounter.”

The report comes amid growing uncertainty over the potential pick for Secretary of State. CNN reported that several Republican senators were worried about the potential fallout of picking David Petraeus for the position, especially after Hillary Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified information became a major point of attack for Trump and Republicans during the campaign.


While the police report makes it clear that a sex tape from General David Petraeus is nothing more than a rumor, the fact that it is mentioned in an official police document makes it quite a bit different than other rumors regarding explicit videos of prominent figures. The rumor mill often churns about explicit videos of actors or reality television stars, but this one points back to an official source that could be cited if Petraeus moves forward as Donald Trump’s Secretary of State pick.

And as Death and Taxes pointed out, there is already an established link between Petraeus and the person alleged to have filmed the sex tape.

“One source familiar with the rumor told Death and Taxes that some of Bubba’s current and former staff at his radio show do believe that Davidson’s claim is true and that there’s a sex tape. There’s also another potential link between the two that gives the story an air of credibility: Petraeus and United States Marine Corps Gen. John Allen both asked Jill Kelley to reach out to Bubba Clem when he threatened to burn the Koran on his radio show, as it had become a national security issue.”

But the report also poses another entirely plausible explanation for the rumors of a General David Petraeus sex tape — that it’s a story made up by Davidson during the meeting as a way to boost his reputation in brokering sex tape deals.

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