Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: More Hardware Is On The Way

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced on Thursday that the tech giant will continue to release new hardware options beyond the Microsoft Surface tablet line.

Computer manufacturers have become angered by Microsoft’s move into the hardware game, specifically the firms that for years supported the software giant by agreeing to license its operating systems.

Ballmer specifically says Microsoft will invest “where we see important opportunities to set a new standard.”

Moving into the hardware game is nothing new for software companies. Google did so with its own line of Google named devices. However, unlike Google, the team at Microsoft is not relying on other company’s to build its components. For example Google Tablets, Phones, and other products are typically the work of Samsung, LG, and other well known device manufacturers.

Interestingly enough, during his talk, Ballmer admitted that the Slate line of devices are a “proof of concept” that is meant more than anything to push application development for Windows 8.


When asked if Microsoft jumped into the tablet and touch computing game too late, Ballmer noted that Surface devices and specifically those with Windows 8 are completely different from comparable devices.

While Ballmer will not specifically say what type of hardware Microsoft might be working on at this time, it’s probably safe to believe that the company will eventually release a smartphone of its very own, likely a device based on the Windows Phone 8 mobile OS.

Microsoft has already begun to put out job posting for the company’s “next generation” line of tablet devices.