‘Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham Exposes Fights, Tears, & Regrets In Tell-All: ‘Talking As Fast As I Can’

Gilmore Girls actress Lauren Graham spilled all of the behind-the-scene secrets just in time for the Gilmore Girls reboot debut on Netflix. The actress penned a shocking tell-all titled Talking As Fast As I Can.

Radar Online has revealed that the beloved star of Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham, has written a tell-all book about her time working on the show. Talking As Fast As I Can is a suitable title. Fans of the show know that Lorelai Gilmore certainly loves to chat and make hilariously witty comments.

Lauren Graham revealed that when the show began in 2000, she and her co-star Alexis Bledel had both signed on for Gilmore Girls without meeting each other. Fortunately, the two had excellent chemistry on set and soon, they transformed into the famous Lorelai and Rory duo.

“I was cast very late in the process…So there was no time for a chemistry read, usually a minimum requirement when casting two actors whose relationship is vital to the success of the show.

“I could tell I liked her right away.”

The onscreen mother and daughter instantly bonded with their other co-star Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy was just a little-known bubbly actress when she started her role as Lorelai’s best friend Sookie on Gilmore Girls. These days, Melissa is arguably the most famous and successful actor out of the entire Gilmore Girls cast.

“A few months into filming…I remember Alexis and I went to see Melissa McCarthy perform in the Groundlings for the first time, and we were completely blown away by her.

“I wondered then if anyone would ever figure out a way to expose how uniquely talented she was.”

Graham revealed in her book that she did not approve of her character’s surprise wedding to Rory’s father, Christopher, in Season 7.

“This seemed so odd to me back then.

“‘While we were filming the reboot, [director] Dan Palladino had to call one of the superfan assistants in the office to have her explain the whole episode to me in detail,’ she admits. ‘Even though, I wasn’t sure she was telling me the truth.'”

One of the biggest shockers that Graham revealed was that once the Gilmore Girls‘ network WB turned into the CW, the show was never the same.

By the time the seventh season of Gilmore Girls rolled around, Graham admitted to being “tired” and “uninspired.” The actors’ teams were fighting with executives about contract negotiations and they weren’t even sure about the fate of the series by the finale.

The finale of Season 7 ultimately became the series finale.

“It wasn’t the quality send-off any of us would have given if we’d known this was the end.”

Eight years after shooting the final episode of Gilmore Girls, Netflix picked up the reboot following a whirlwind process.

Fans of the series jumped at the idea of a Gilmore Girls reunion. The show had seen so much success since its original airing that the hype for the reboot has been bigger than ever.

“Up until about a week before filming started, the reality of making the show was still very much up in the air.”

Lauren Graham admitted in Talking As Fast As I Can that she cried constantly on the set of the Gilmore Girls Netflix reboot.

Ed Herrmann, who played Graham’s on-screen father Richard Gilmore, passed away last year and Lauren said his presence was definitely missed.

“His absence had a feeling too — the room was entirely different without his booming voice and easy laugh.”

Lauren Graham seems to have always found a way to sneak her family and friends on Gilmore Girls. Her sister Maggie sat behind Rory and Paris Geller at her high school graduation ceremony from Chilton.

In the Gilmore Girls Netflix reboot, Graham was able to get her longtime boyfriend and co-star on Parenthood, Peter Krause, to guest star as a park ranger.

“I thought it would be a fun surprise for you to see him.”

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