The Vampire Diaries 403: ‘The Rager’ Recap

Caution: Spoilers

The Vampire Diaries Episode 403, “The Rager” started off with Tyler “recovering” in the hospital. After Connor shot him last week during the memorial service for the Town Council his mother insisted he keep up appearances and act like he hadn’t healed almost immediately after.

But as Tyler pretends to heal Connor shows up and extracts venom out of his gums. Because Tyler is a vampire-werewolf hybrid he possesses the werewolf saliva that can kill a vampire. Connor then sets out to try and take out as many vampires as he can and tries to enlist Jeremy’s help to do it. Connor reveals why Jeremy is the only one that can see the tattoos on his arm — it could be that Jeremy is more than just a young man who can see ghosts.

Damon still struggles with wanting to leave town. He and Stefan agreed in last season’s finale that whoever Elena didn’t choose would leave Mystic Falls. Now that Elena’s no longer human he struggles with his desire to remain with his family and friends or leave town. But not before hunting down Connor.

And who better to assist Damon with Vampire Hunter hunting duties than Klaus. He arrives to protect Tyler since he can’t make any more hybrids now that Elena is a vampire. His reappearance in Tyler’s life is slightly awkward since they are both infatuated with Caroline. And maybe now that Tyler’s friend Hayley is back they will both fall for her too.

Causing further trouble for our group is Klaus’ sister Rebekah. Back at school and making Elena’s life miserable, Rebekah tries to somehow make it up to Matt that she tried to kill him. But Matt’s got more to worry about than her since Connor is on to him being a human blood bag and wants him to out whoever is feeding on him. Rebekah decides to throw an Anti-Curfew Party now that the town police have imposed one following the funeral shooting. But Connor has a nasty plan to take out any vampire that shows up. And unfortunately Elena has just picked the wrong party to crash.

What did you think of The Vampire Diaries Episode 403? Can a party really be called a “Rager” when it is held in the daylight and only has one keg?

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