Britney Spears Biopic Star Natasha Bassett Dishes On The Reason Britney Will Love The Movie

While the Lifetime channel is moving forward with their unauthorized Britney Spears biopic, the actress chosen to portray Britney, Natasha Bassett, reveals a feeling that the “Toxic” singer is going to love the movie. While Bassett shares a hope that Britney will see the movie as something to honor her, it’s certain that Spears fans will tune in to see the made-for-TV project, partly because, like any fandom, they are eager for anything bearing their icon’s name, but also to ensure Britney Spears is treated with respect. From Bassett’s point of view, there’s no reason to be concerned. The Hail, Caesar! actress feels Lifetime’s Britney honors the artist in the most gracious of ways.

Natasha Bassett Reveals Why She Thinks Britney Spears Will Love The Unauthorized Biopic

In talking to Entertainment Tonight, Natasha Bassett revealed that she comes to the Britney Spears Lifetime movie as something more than an actress stepping into a role. Bassett shares her lifelong love of Spears, having grown up to listening to Spears from her earliest years as an up-and-coming pop artist. She says she even has home videos of herself practicing her best Britney voice in front of a mirror, hairbrush serving as her microphone.

“I just immersed myself into Britneyland,” Bassett says.

Natasha, who is best known for her role as Gloria DeLamour in Hail, Caesar!, shares that, in preparing for her new role, she completely immersed herself in Spears’ life, watching every live concert, interview, and music video available to her.

Natasha is aware that, as an unauthorized project, Britney Spears hasn’t contributed to the film “in any way, shape or form,” but she says she hopes Britney will watch it and find something to love about it. Bassett suggests that, if Spears goes in with an open heart, she’ll see Britney for what it is.

“I really hope she watches the movie, because I think she’d really enjoy it,” Bassett said. “It’s really a love letter to her and to her story, so I really hope she watches it and I just wish her all the happiness in the world.”

Britney Will Bring More Than Spears To The Small Screen Biopic!

Lifetime just dropped new set photos from Britney, and as Entertainment Weekly suggests, the unauthorized biopic will also recreate Spears’ love interests for the movie, casting Clayton Chitty as Kevin Federline, Nathan Keyes as Justin Timberlake, and Kelly McCabe as Jason Alexander. Britney examines each of Spears’ most celebrated romances with recreations of events too memorable for fans to be easily forgotten.

Britney will begin its story with Spears’ early life in Kentwood, Louisiana, following her rise to fame and the romantic pit stops along the way, including her first marriage to Justin Timberlake. The Lifetime movie will also look into the effect her parent’s divorce had on the pop star, while giving more insight to Spears’ own short-lived marriages to Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline. The singer’s custody battle for her children will also make it into the television movie, as well as some of Britney’s most iconic performances.

Among those performances, Britney recreates that Madonna kiss at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. There’s no word yet on who will be playing Madonna.

“I started to gain a lot more of an understanding of what she went through,” Bassett adds of playing Spears. “And it was very sad. I just feel like I have so much more of an understanding of what she went through now.”

Natasha also suggests that recreating Spears’ romance with Timberlake was a remarkable experience, because, to the pre-social media generations, it did seem like a fairy tale romance. The Britney star feels that was an important point in the singer’s life and a special experience, even as an actress playing Spears in a recreation.

Britney is scheduled to air in January 2017 on Lifetime.

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